Rise of the Tomb Raider On Xbox One Won't Be Held Back By Xbox 360, Comments On Timed Exclusivity

Brian Horton assures that the Xbox One version won't be held back due to the Xbox 360.

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spicelicka1216d ago

Are you the director at Crystal dynamics? Seems like you know everything.

UltimateMaster1216d ago

I do think they'll be doing their best for each platforms.
However.... this game should have been an Xbox One exclusive, if you can get in on the 360, then later on other platforms, then what gives?
It's not going to convince anyone to go out and buy and Xbox One.

Nirvana315911216d ago

The graphics already look like they're held back by the 360. The only people denying that are die hard fanboys

Dirtnapstor1216d ago

You need to read up... The 360 version is being done/ported by a different developer.

freshslicepizza1216d ago

it will be interesting if they can achieve 1080p and 30fps like they said they are. i expect this will be out within a year on the ps4 unless microsoft pays to lock it up like they did with titanfall. which may very well happen and become a microsoft exclusive like ryse and dead rising 3. sony is probably thinking the same thing with no mans sky.

OrangePowerz1216d ago


I don't even like the X1 and to me the gameplay they showed looked very good.

gatormatt801216d ago

Seriously though, do you honestly expect the game director to say..

"Well we've decided to hold back the X1 version of ROTTR to achieve parity with the 360."

ShinMaster1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Well it's easier to upscale than to downscale, so this game was definitely made with last-gen consoles in mind from the beginning.
But I'd say it still looks good.

Anyway, I'm calling it 6 months before it makes its way to PC/PS4.

LonDonE1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Exactly only blind fanboys and single console gamers (x1 only) gamers are in denial!
Just go look at the uncharted 4 footage, no way in hell ps3/360 could ever run it! Its not just about the graphics, but the physics, lighting, level size and scope, seamless animations etc No WAY IN HELL!!!

obviously they could strip everything down massively, but then it wouldnt be the same game.

Then go watch the new tomb raider footage, its laughable compared to uncharted 4 a true next gen exclusive!
I am looking forward to both games, but unlike some i own and game on all platforms and i call it as i see it.

Just look at that bear fur? Lmao its embarrasing! They should of made it current gen only.
Game play will be great in both, but trust me uncharted is gonna make ROTTR look like a last gen game, watch both the videos.

Hell uncharted 2 and 3 had better snow and water, fire etc.
Keep it real fanboys, i will be playing both games but will u? If not stop the hate and dont lie to your selves!

krypt19831215d ago

@UltimateMaster if u haven't noticed xbox is all about options now so whatever suits you, not sony telling you want you want like ea access and backwards compatibility

GameNameFame1215d ago

if it isn't being held back by Xbox 360, then it must be being held back by Xbox One. given its weaker hardware, getting to 1080P must had its sacrifices.

medman1215d ago

The only way the game could not be held back is if they are not the same game...the bottom line is, if the xbox 360 version is essentially the same game, with the same size areas to explore...then there is a problem, and they definitely designed the xbone version with the 360 in mind.


Everytime a game is released to both current and past gen, it will be held back by it, doesn't matter who's saying it won't.

That's just how development goes today, publishers/devs don't go around spending money on making proper multiple versions of the same game, they just do something that all target platforms can handle, than they adjust effects and stuff accordingly.

This doesn't mean anything bad, in fact, if we look at games that are being released from past gen to current and then some (PC), you'll probably notice that devs are getting really good with scalable assets and what not now, but frankly old gen was just too different coding wise, making the whole scalable thing work much better between current gen and PC alone.

In a way they are getting to the point where they can still extract enough from all platforms to make respectable games all around with the usual multiplatform development model, but to say it doesn't hold anything back at all is not just delusional, it's an out right lie.

Kribwalker1215d ago

Forza horizon 2 was done by different devs and it was not held back on X1. 360 version was smaller with less to do

Utalkin2me1215d ago


So a cinematic climbing the side of a ice mountain looked like amazing gameplay. Wow, ok. There was no really gameplay in what they showed. Was Laura running around? Was she killing stuff? or was she using weapons? So technically enlighten me on how that gameplay looked good?

miyamoto1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Looks great on Xbox One
Will look greater on PS4 and PC

MS knew the risks of this move and were willing to take the financial hit

OrangePowerz1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )


I didn't say amazing. I said what they showed looked very good to me. Because there was no shooting, weapons, running around or whatever else something can't look good? The gameplay and animations looked very smooth and fluid and the graphics also looked good. They already had the shooting down on the first game so I certainly wouldn't be worried that they screw it up for the sequel.

I hate to be nitpicking but it's Lara not Laura :)

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darkslayer2081216d ago

Anther PR damage control by Crystal dynamics..

KyRo1216d ago

Surely you can't push a game to its limits when you know you have to make the game playable on 10 year old hardware at the same time? I want what was not possible on last gen systems, not the same with fancier graphics held back because they had to think of the limitations of the last consoles.

jb2271216d ago

Judging by e3 previews & dev interviews, the only 'new' things this game is doing is presenting a few bigger tombs & introducing bear fights. Only 2 locations, minor upgrading systems and more of the same really. I'd love to play it & I'm sure it'll be a great game, but you are absolutely right, the 360 version will hold this back, sure the graphics will be prettier on XBO but there's no info released yet that's making this game next gen. People need to learn how to read between the lines & manage need for hyperbole when the devs itself have set the realistic standards on what to expect going in. If you dug the first one, chances are this will be more of the same w/ a new setting & prettier graphics. If you were expecting a huge globe trotting leap forward for the series, you will be let down.

ELE_Victim1215d ago

And what kind of new ideas and advances are being held back due to it being on the 360? Name just one....

There aren't any. The old consoles can do EVERYTHING the new ones can, only with much lesser resolution and framerate.

ThePresentIsAgift1215d ago

I guess Doom on PC must have been "held back" by the SNES version, because devs can't possibly create bespoke versions for alternative hardware.

Oh that's right it was the mid nineties on a 16 bit cartridge fed console and they still worked it out.

FlameBaitGod1215d ago

LMFAO like if next gen games where being held by PS3 and X360, what a joke

XanderZane1215d ago

Only in your biased dreams. The game looks better then expected by many gamers. There's no way this game will be held back. Horizon 2 was released on the XBox 360 and XB1 and the XB1 is far superior and it wasn't held back either. They are like two separate games. This is Day One for me. I have faith this game will even be better then the first one.

Not being held back. Only biased trolling fanboys who don't own an XB1 think it is.

Give_me_head_strong1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

@angelsx- You know a lot about being held back, I bet.

BallsEye1215d ago

How? It was hands down best looking game on e3.

Professor_K1215d ago

held back by troll opinions more like it.

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rainzor1216d ago

It is held back; you can already see the mediocre graphics from the e3 gameplay and trailer

bananaboats1216d ago

looked amazing to me, especially the facial animation. nothing mediocre about it. just a bunch of hating trolls is all I have seen since this game was annouced

1216d ago
Professor_K1215d ago

@Big Finger

xbox fans dont give a damm about uncharted but you ps trolls keep bring it up lol pathetic.

Bigpappy1216d ago

now that is pure trolling.

KarmaV121216d ago

I know right. The game looks f**king phenomenal. The vistas in the back drop on the E3 demo looked insanely good not to mention the depth in the character models and facial features.

Mkai281215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Wonder if they'd be saying the same thing if it was exclusive to PS4 with that same footage?.. As far as timed exclusive it depends on how it does, if it does well Microsoft may just keep it exclusive, but I see it going to PC.

kraenk121215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )


Game is coming to PS4 as sure as the Pope has to pee in the morning.

Otherwise MS would scream it's console exclusivity form the roof tops! instead 0> holiday exclusive! you get the picture.

holiday exclusive?! I say 1-2 months it will be on PS4 before Uncharted 4 will come out!

Game looks great btw.

Haru1215d ago


if you mean one of the best looking games at microsoft conference then I agree most of the games showed there were ugly anyways, But Sony and EA showed much better looking games Uncharted 4 looks miles better can't even compare the two Horizon looks way better Battlefront looks even better Mirror's edge looks better most of the game showcased at Sony's and EA's conferences looked better than tomb raider

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starchild1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Mediocre graphics? Come on now, that's not true and you know it. It's actually one of the best looking games I saw at E3. The facial animation, as one example, is probably the most accurate and realistic facial animation ever seen in a game. But lighting, textures/materials, post process effects, dynamic snow, large scale, etc are all top notch as well.

christocolus1216d ago

You guys are just hilarious. Dont you ever stop? Lmao. I enjoyed that trailer and i've seen more gameplay videos and the game looks amazing.

jb2271216d ago

I think the graphics are great, although not necessarily on par w/ the best of what we've seen so far this gen. I think really what's holding the game back is the quick turnaround and that has hampered the gameplay growth from 1 to 2. If you watch GT's coverage or most any other outlet, they've all said that the crafting & weapons haven't really grown that much over the prior game, then the interviews w/ the devs have confirmed that there are only 2 locations, the main Siberia location and a small stop in the desert of Syria. The enemies are largely the same and the climbing mechanics are the same. The only real improvements or changes aside from graphical fidelity is the idea of a larger focus on tombs, something that remains to fully be seen at this point (remember that the devs also said there'd be a focus on tombs for the last game and that was obviously a relative statement), and the introduction of Bear battles. Some things don't need much changing from iteration to iteration, but when you compare those few small pieces to all of the new things that other games, most namely Uncharted 4 are doing w/ their transition to a new console, it makes me wish they would've had the time to truly make this game something new & special. The lack of location variety is the biggest sore spot for me personally. Globe trotting is my favorite aspect of adventure games & a big part of Lara's legacy (not to mention one of the main factors that made another sequel, UC2 one of the modern classics of last gen), but it's been largely neglected w/ the move to the semi open world, a genre that's already being over done imo.

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Vasto1216d ago

Glad I own a Xbox One. Haters keep hating!

fallacious1216d ago

It's also coming to PS4 and PC.

Vasto1216d ago

PC next year but no PS4.

uptownsoul1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )


As far as Timed Raider, why can nobody at Microsoft, Crystal Dynamics, or Square Enix just say the only devices the game can ever be played on??? I mean Microsoft doesn't have a problem with announcing Xbox games on PC. But they're talking about Timed Raider completely different because they can/have NEVER referred to it as just an "Exclusive". They ALWAYS have to refer to a time frame when talking about Timed Raider's "exclusivity". And again they referred to Titanfall as just Exclusive even though that went to PC. They're referring to Gears Ultimate Edition & Fable Legends as just Exclusives even though they're going to PC.

Bathyj1215d ago


Good point. How many times did we hear that big booming voice at the MS Conference "XBONE ONE AND WINDOWS EXCLUSIVE"

If it were going to window I dont think they would any problem saying that, even if it wer 6 months down the track.

The announcement even said Xbox Exclusive Holiday 2015.

deadpoolio3161215d ago

Whats your point....Its still going to get buried under mediocre sales by being exclusive to one console when Fallout, Battlefront, COD, Halo, Forza, and everything else MS has coming release all at the same time....

and in 6 months to a year when it pops up on PS4 it will get ignored again coming out around the same time as the game Tomb Raider now emulates Uncharted comes out....

Everytime you idiots try to run that its never coming to PS4 with your MS PR crap, Crystal Dynamics comes out and says NO ITS A TIMED EXCLUSIVE...

And NO I know moroic Xbot logic, its not the same principal as Street Fighter 5....SF5 wouldn't exist for quite a few years had Sony not of funded it, as opposed to MS trying to swoop in when a game is 50% completed to purchase TIMED exclusivity

d_g1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

the game looks Great





i don’t know how the graphics is "mediocre"

@i3eyond the Circle
i Found some good gifs :)

after this who would say mediocre graphics

i3eyond the Circle1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Thats excellent.

I wish someone would make a gif of the helicopter chase and the exploding facility escape.

This game is a graphical powerhouse and the low visibility snowy atmosphere (which is on purpose) shown in the trailers do it no justice.

You can see this games graphical integrity when she's pushing that mine cart's really one of the best looking games out.

Wish someone could teach me how to make gifs from videos

KionicWarlord2221216d ago

"I wish someone would make a gif of the helicopter chase and the exploding facility escape." ya go.

i3eyond the Circle1216d ago

@kionic and truegamer

HELL YEAH dudes! You really just made my day. Saving those links!

Doesn't it look great? I think at e3 all we got was a taste.

jcnba281216d ago

Dat ass ;) but yeah the graphics look great.

KionicWarlord2221216d ago

Haters gonna hate Lara.

Great shots.

lemoncake1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Game looks amazing, haters going to hate. Theres a lot of salty people over this game, tells you just how good this game is looking.

_-EDMIX-_1216d ago

I know right...can't wait to see what it looks like on PS4 and 4k on PC!

christocolus1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )


It's obvious why some people are hating this game. its very obvious and it's quite hilarious too. lmao. the game looks amazing. nice shots

MasterCornholio1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I dont really hate the game. Sure im bothered that its a timed exclusive but i can wait.


It pays to accept things the way they are instead of complaining all the time. Which is what i do and it makes me happy.

Anyways i have Uncharted 4 to hold me over until then. No idea why others dont have this attitude.

Spudinator2171216d ago

That 4th pic, she's got some arse......just saying.

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shadowknight2031216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I just hate timed exclusives from third parties. On both microsofts end and sony's. But whatever I guess when it does eventually come to the ps4 ill be enjoying it.

Italiano12345671216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

My guess is they made the 6 month exclusive deal wit Microsoft because originally u4 was due out the same time and they didn't want to compete with that. U will see a ps4 version that looks and plays better 6months or so after release

MasterCornholio1216d ago

The only thing they said that it was only for the holidays and they haven't started making the PS4 version yet. Which means it might take some time for the game to come out but I predict that well see it before next year is over.

jb2271216d ago

Have they said they aren't currently working on a PS4 version? Only thing I've read is that they are 'fully focused' on the MS platform. Doesn't exclude concurrent developmental procedures really. I agree we will see it before 2016 is over, but I actually think it's a shoe in for a summer release, right around the timeframe the definitive next gen edition of the last title released.

StrayaKNT1215d ago

Ps4 owners are used to waiting. They had to wait two years to play one good game and another year to play another good game lol so not suprised

emilijo7771215d ago

still waiting for one good Xbox One exclusive then. Not a single Xbox One exclusive so far scored 90+. Highest rated Xbox One "exclusive" is an indie game playable on pc lol