XBOX One: The Console That Lost its Identity

TechDaring: "Since the console's release, things haven't seemingly developed as Microsoft might have imagined. That’s mainly because most gamers have selected the PS4 as their console of choice."

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nicksetzer11219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

"The idea that you could get exclusive in-game content, only available on the XBOX One, has swapped hands since E3, with the PS4 now delivering this with the heavy hitting game franchises, such as Call of Duty. Sony also added salt to the wound by announcing VUE, a unique service for US. media lovers. It’s perhaps these changes that give you hardly any reasons to choose the XBOX One over the PS4"

So the reason to buy a PS4 is now the same reason people have been complaining about xbox for years?

People rioted about TV functions, so MS does them without announcing them now:
like the ability to use a digital antena to pause and fast forward live tv no paid tv service required.

But we praise Sony for announcing them? And 3rd party content and timed exclusives are Sony's roundhouse now. With games like hellblade, no man's sky, destiny, cod, ffvii, etc and that is now a plus?

On that same note, we are now criticizing MS for not doing the things people complained about for years? (But are praising Sony for now.)

You guys are crazy, seriously crazy. Never seen such hypocrisy in my life, people on this site never cease to top themselves in that category though.

Eonjay1219d ago

What are you talking about: its
You are on N4G!

thekhurg1219d ago

Why this tagged to the PS4 section? Submitter wanted to stir up controversy and heat level?

theRell1219d ago


Just look at the name of the submitter, to be expected.

1219d ago
Pogmathoin1219d ago

Heisen, you must be on the good stuff.... Your Sony Crowd went flat out praising the service that charges loan shark rates for bargain bin games on PsNow, then try to play down a free, fantastic service, that does not depend on the internet.... As usual, when postive Xbox news is around, you see the likes of the submitter frantically searching for bad news in there dark lil room..... I acknowledge that
PS4 is a great machine, great games, but I never follow the crowd, just because its bigger, better, does not mean it is for me. Who are you to tell me what is best for me? Or put down those who chose for themselves? I read many Sony fans here call themselves the master race.... Yes.... History has thought you nothing..... Shenmue is now the greatest game ever, yet, when it was on the other consoles, none of you cared......

Griever1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

It is just some guy on a no name website looking for attention. The article is just a couple of paragraphs and only comes off as clickbait. No PS gamers are clamoring for TV shows or are looking forward to CoD DLC or are happy with the PS Now prices. Most PS gamers only care about diverse library of games first and foremost instead of focusing on just a couple of genres. The big AAA hitters of PS4 might be a little late which may make the lineup seem lacking but they are coming. It does not matters if a game releases one year earlier or later as long as it is coming.

Both consoles offer high quality exclusives, timed exclusives and multiplats. It all comes down to tastes. If you like to Halo, Gears, Fable, Forza then you buy Xbox and if you like to play Uncharted, Gran Turismo, Little Big Planet, Ratchet & Clank, JRPGs etc. then you buy a PS4. It does not matters how many exclusives a console has if you do not like them so it is pointless to get into listwars. If you do not like Halo, Gears, Forza then Xbox can do nothing for you. Similarly if you do not like Uncharted, JRPGs and Gran Turismo then PS4 will do nothing for you. Simple as that.

Farmassy1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )


There is such a huge difference between paying for a remake of a game you already own vs getting to play games you already own on your new console for free. If you can't see the difference than you are biased

There are too many remakes from both camps. However, only sony is trying to price gouge you with ps now

1219d ago
kreate1219d ago

whoever those "sony praisers" are. they not here praising this thing other than the article praising it.

avengers19781219d ago

I don't really know any playstation fans that are praising the TV stuff, and most playstation fans have stated very clearly that PS Now needs to change in pricing and allow for free streaming if you have s copy of the game alreasy purchased. And I don't personally see timed DLC for any game as a reason to buy it on one console over the other, but the advertising rights are pretty major... But at the end of the day of you are going to buy COD you will buy it the console of your choice, me personally don't care for COD and haven't played one since BLOPS.

Back to the TV. There is a pretty big difference in what Vue is compared to what MS has for its TV. First you gotta admit there reveal was all TV few games and it seems like MS cared more about other things than games(especially since now with new head Phil Spencer and a refocus on games they are getting better performance on games, new exclusive games like Recore, and over all are doing more for games) but XB1 TV stuff well first you still need a cable service for these things to work, Vue on the other hand lets you choose what shows or content you want and the only other thing you need is an ISP, which you pretty much need now a days any way, aNd everyone pretty much has. If the right price and content is available PS Vue could just become the best TV providing service available since you can literally choose the shows and channels you want instead of buying whatever package deal your current TV provider makes you pay for just to get the few things you actually want to watch. Time will tell if this is a good move or not.

Both XB1 and PS4 are evolving and getting better adding more features, this is a good thing. PS4 was just more games focused from the beginning and it shows in the sales department... XB1 is currently doing better so it's wins all around.

Pogmathoin1219d ago

Great comment avengers... I loved having the cable set up on X1, but got rid of cable, using Kodi on an Android box.... Must run the the HDMI through X1, see how it works...

UltimateMaster1219d ago

Is it really a bad thing that the Xbox One lost it's identity?
Cuz if they were to have kept the same policies that they had envisioned for the console when they wanted to launch it...
That always online, forced to get Xbox Gold, prevent trading and lending games DRM of purchased games you did not owned with a camera always watching your every move and selling the collected information has advertisement which is still being done today...
Not sure how many people would want such an anti-consumer console. And by Anti-Consumer, that means against You.
You are the one loosing in this by choosing such policies. Not me, it's your money.

Honestly, I think it's a good thing that they changed a lot of the stuff they were going with.
We, the gamers, decide where the gaming industry should go.

BattleAxe1219d ago

Microsoft has been doing a fantastic job with Xbox One ever since Don Mattrick left the company, just a few months after the Xbox One launched.

I remember the PS3 was such a fantastic console, both with it's technology and it's games. However, the gaming media didn't see it that way for quite a few years into the PS3's life cycle.

I remember that for the first 3 - 4 years, the PS3 could never catch a break from the gaming media, despite the fact that the PS3 had what I considered to be the best exclusive line-up in terms of quantity and quality of exclusive games such as Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Resistance: Fall of Man, Killzone 2, Heavenly Sword, God of War 3 and Infamous.

Even though multi-platform games usually always ran better on the Xbox 360, and even though Call of Duty DLC always came out one month earlier on the Xbox 360, it honestly never bothered me, and it never bothered any of my friends.

Fast forward to this generation, and I feel like the Xbox One is in the same position as the PS3 was last generation. I would agree that in terms of the number if high-end exclusives, this generation has been lacking for Xbox One, but I would say the same about the PS4 also.

The gaming media always hypes the console that has the sales lead at the time. Last generation, the media praised the Xbox 360 because it had a 7 million unit lead over the PS3, and this generation, the PS4 has gotten off to a much quicker start, and now has a sizeable lead over the Xbox One.

Xbox One hasn't lost it's identity, rather it has solidified it's identity, especially after this last E3 conference. It has solidified it's identity by becoming the most consumer friendly console on the market today, not only because of price point, but because Xbox fans know that they do not have to be afraid of investing in their games libraries.

Whether digital or physical disc, Microsoft has created cross generational support, allowing you to bring your library of Xbox 360 games over to the Xbox One. This is something that gives me huge confidence in the Xbox brand. Because of backwards compatibility, I have almost as much confidence in spending money with Xbox as I do with Steam. After buying many PS3 digital downloads, I have zero confidence in Sony to provide that same kind of value to their customers.

I purchased my Xbox One just this last November, and one of the reasons was that I believed that Microsoft would come out with backwards compatibility, and I had been mentioning this in my posts here on N4G back during the months before I purchased my Xbox One. I really took a leap of faith when I bought the Xbox One, but I was super happy during E3, watching Microsoft's conference, to actually see that I had gotten it right.

BattleAxe1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

The other area where Microsoft has solidified their identity for the Xbox Brand, is with stability of their triple A exclusive franchises. Halo, Gears of War and Forza have always been great games. When Microsoft releases a new entry into any one of these three game series, you know that you are getting a high quality game, packed with content. The Master Chief Collection was and is the best value ever released to consumers. The shear amount of content for $60.00 is simply unmatched by anything.

Microsoft treats their first party franchises like gold, and the only other company that does this as well, and possibly even slightly better is Nintendo. Sony's consistency with their first party franchises has been terrible. They either throw away old franchises that used to be great, or they exploit their franchises for quick gains by coming out with a sub par product, and selling people on the name.

Some examples of what I am talking in terms of throwing away old franchises would be Resistance, SOCOM, M.A.G., Syphon Filter, Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, Twisted Metal and Crash Bandicoot. In terms of exploiting their franchises, I can give two examples so far this gen, with Killzone Shadow Fall and Infamous Second Sun. Sure, the graphical quality is there for both games, but the low quantity of game content, the lackluster gameplay in Killzone SF and the poor story writing in Infamous, put both of these titles in a league well below their PS3 counterparts.

Needless to say, I am very curious to see just how well Uncharted will turn out, and how well it will be received. Drake is supposed to end his journey, so it sounds to me like they are killing off the series after this.

Xbox has proved that they know how to be strong and steady with their game franchises, they've now proved that they are the company to provide a continuous experience from last generation to this generation, and with Windows 10 integration, they are proving that they are the company that is going to be providing the best ecosystem for gamers, especially with the free Windows 10 upgrade, free Xbox Live for PC gamers with all features available, cross-platform play between PC and Xbox One, free backwards compatibility, and Cross-Buy/Cross-Play, which is the ability to purchase a game and be able to play that game on a Windows 10 PC/Laptop or on Xbox One.

Just like the PS3 last generation, the Xbox One will soon gather that same kind of traction with consumers. There's just too much to like about the Xbox One, including the fact that with backwards compatibility, Microsoft will have the single largest catalogue of games on one console. Also, I'm sure that as time goes on, many 'console' exclusive indie games will make their way over to Xbox One, seeing as how indie developers are always looking for a larger audience. There's no doubt that there are great times ahead for Xbox One, and I'm glad I made the purchase.

1219d ago
trouble_bubble1218d ago

Your second post there is a hot mess.

Halo has been garnering less critical praise with each release for a while now and despite being milked for 15 years, MCC had broken online forever on those very same games. Even 343 regrets their trouble with it. Best value for money? You're a glorified beta tester.

Both Gears AND Forza hit franchise lows in critical average AND sales with their latest releases, Judgment and F5.

In short, these haven't always been "great games". Theyre not even best in their own series anymore, let alone best of show. You can't knock Infamous Second Son when Forza5 launched with less everything than Forza4 and was microtransactioned and DLC'd up the wazoo.

Killzone has had ONE game this gen and you call THAT exploited when Forza will soon have THREE?! At least try to sound impartial. Are you so used to MS milking the same 3 franchises almost yearly that one-off exclusives like Heavenly Sword or Heavy Rain freak you out? Sony just made a Heavenly Sword animated movie btw, its on Netflix, and we just had new Twisted Metal/Resistance/Motorstorm a few years ago. The Motorstorm devs just made Driveclub. Whats wrong with new IP?

No Way1218d ago

HeisenbergC10H15N - Really? lol. Remakes and the ability to play backwards compatibility is no where near the same thing.. Remakes you have to pay for (a second time, typically). I don't get excited for remakes but to be able to play my old games is awesome. I don't want to pay for a game I have, or could have, played on last gen, again.

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yarbie10001219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Every year I see people roll their eyes that CoD puts out DLC first on XBO. The claims that no one cares and CoD is declining each yr. This year everyone's talking about what a huge win and pickup it is for PS4 lol.

I never buy CoD dlc so I could care less either way. And I won't even be buying this yrs Cod cause it looks just like last yrs without Kevin Spacey. Just funny to watch the spin zone.

I would say XBO has found its identity. Nothing but games, new features, and new accessories. And a lot of exclusives that have a release date and coming out this yr.

LostDjinn1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Just out of interest, what games are you talking about?

Edit: Not trolling. Just wanting to know.

iistuii1219d ago

@lost games before 2016 off the top of my head Tomb Raider, Halo Gaurdian, Forza 6 Fable legends Gears remake & backward compatible all this year, I'm sure there's enough exclusive games there to satisfy anyone, then all the multi's I think he's right, there's nothing but games...

LostDjinn1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

So halo and Forza?
Fable's a multi, Gears remake is...a remake and multi, BC isn't a game and TR is timed (so it doesn't count).
I mean, I'm just going by the rules set by xbox zealots in every E3 article. Go check. I'll wait.

Do you see the idiocy created by the contant goalpost shifting some indulge in?

Edit: Wouldn't it be far smarter to appreciate good games instead of trying to twist things so your console of choice doesn't appear outdone?

iistuii1219d ago

Tomb Raider won't be on PS4 for another 6 months I doubt, Fable won't be on Sonys platform either so it's a Microsoft exclusive so I suppose you won't be buying the uncharted remake as you don't go much on remakes. Also I don't really mind as I've got all bases covered as I own a PS4 & your welcome to look up my gamer tag & find apart from Knack I've not missed a Ps4 exclusive aaa game, but you just can't say that Microsoft haven't got some great exclusives coming out before 2016, where Sony has a lot coming 2016/17 if you go by their e3 showing...

LostDjinn1219d ago

multiplat = multiple platforms. Timed exclusive is timed.
Twist it any way you want.
Thanks for proving my point though. At least you didn't try to say BC was a game.

By the way, I game on PC mostly. I have a PS4, a PS3, a vita, a 360, a 3DS and even a WiiU as well though.

What do my gaming systems have to do with anything?

yarbie10001219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )


So according to your logic, you must really have been disappointed with PS4's E3 showing. A 18yr old remake that's multi & timed. Launching a donation page for a multi. A game they showed you at E3 8yrs ago. Only one new AAA exclusive {Horizon}. And very few release dates.

LostDjinn1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Not my logic Yarbie (red dragon). Yours (fanboy logic). The rules were set by your kind (fanboys). Check E3 articles. By the way, how do I know what you are?

Horizon the only new ip? What was dreams? You sure there aren't any others?

No doubt you have an article in pending right now trying damage control something. VR maybe? do realize everyone can see your history. You youtube channel (red dragon) also shows people your true colors.

I await your edit.

Edit: @below so...not a single twist left? I didn't set the rules, I'm pointing out how stupid they are. As you can't argue the point you resort to playing th victum. Great stuff.

iistuii1219d ago

Your very bitter, you probably have spent very little time on your PS4 as you spend most of your time slagging off Microsoft for some unknown reason. The reason my gaming systems have to do with it, is simply I'm a gamer who games & I couldn't give a shit what system it was on, unlike you & your bitter comments about anything on the Xbox One.

Volkama1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

"Not trolling. Just wanting to know".

CYCLEGAMER1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I like how you guys try to nit pick every xb1 exclusive and move the goal post to fit your

Yes...another Halo and Forza, they are great games

Yes...tomb owners are HOPING the game comes to the ps4 with no guarantee. At this moment in time as far as we know it is not coming to any COMPETING console. MS is not in competition with PC. The likelihood that this games is coming to the ps4 is very small.

I am not really a fan of a single remake so you can call that a game or not (I won't be buying it at full price).

Fable legends is another console exclusive that is not coming to any other platform.

This is a console race, the PC is a personal computer, Yes it is also a platform that you can play games on, but so is my cell phone, and it has more exclusives than all of them but you don't see anyone here bragging about that because it's not the same thing and it is not in the CONSOLE race.

SoapShoes1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Nah it's true the fanboys here are moving goalposts continually because they can't accept that Sony had a better E3. They say MS has more coming this year but by year they mean last two months because they won't mention all the games from Jan-Sept which still puts Sony ahead seeing as Xbox was barren the whole year as far as AAA exclusives go. The whole argument that Sony won E3 but MS won the year is nonsense, you don't win the year by only having four big games at the end with NOTHING the rest of the year.

Then you got idiots bragging about Tomb Raider who are so sure it's never coming to PS4 yet claiming FFVII is for sure going to Xbox when is less likely than TR going to PS4.

They pick and choose what actually counts as a good exclusive and the tons of 3rd party exclusives PS4 is getting this year doesn't count for any logical reason at all. All those great 3rd party games only coming to PS4 just get hilariously put down and they keep telling us they don't matter. Rofl

christocolus1219d ago


Well said..bubs up.

star_lancer1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

@Soap Shoes

"you don't win the year by only having four big games at the end with NOTHING the rest of the year."

"tons of 3rd party exclusives PS4 is getting this year doesn't count for any logical reason at all."

So, you want to count only the four big titles for Xbox One, and claim they have NOTHING the rest of the year, but you complain when people don't count ALL of the PS4 titles? You can't have it both ways.

If you want people to recognize EVERY PS4 game, then you have to recognize EVERY Xbox One game (and there's a lot more than four).

SonofGod1219d ago

I stopped playing COD after MW3.

Pogmathoin1219d ago

Lostin.... Xbox will be a windows 10 device... Games will be windows 10.... I'll let you figure out what I am getting at... Play on PC.... Stop.... Later pick it up on X1...... Meanwhile, you go pay $5 per half hour for an old game....

smalltowngamer5031219d ago

I think releasing on Xbox and releasing on PC is still releasing the game on Microsoft's platform no?

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AngelicIceDiamond1219d ago

Didn't know 3rd party and TV apps multimedia was the cool thing to brag about now. Are we in 2011, 2012? Because I swear MS got crucified for those same very things back then.

The hypocrisy is atrocious...

nX1219d ago

It's not, nobody is praising Sony for this. I would actually hope that they wouldn't throw away money for CoD DLC and focus on proper games.

pompombrum1219d ago

The key difference is that Microsoft focused on these things at the expense of the games. Back in like 2011 and 2012, Microsoft had to pad their conferences with crap because they didn't have enough games to showcase. Sony on the other hand are still delivering on the games front and despite showcasing these sort of things, still stole E3 in terms of the games shown.

Yahdaree1219d ago

I think the point is, for some, that all of the things that Sony is adding to the system came after the original launch. It wasn't their big selling point before the PS4 arrived like MS with XBOX One. Presentation is a huge part of PR, and the direction the PS4 is headed is hard to argue with. Just look at the sales, when the consoles themselves are very similar to be honest.

Manic20141219d ago


Did you here the cheer they got when Jim Ryan announced PS as the new home for COD. That to me said a lot.

Why o why1219d ago

I would like to know whos celebrating media features over yet to see this crowd. What ive seen people trying to do is spin how sony and ms do things like to the point the have somehow magically reversed.

Get it right people

Ms original conference was overly heavy on tv tv tv. Sonys was not

Sony have always been about media but that wasn't or definitely didn't seem like their most important selling point during their reveal. The masses aren't saying media is NOW cool. Media was always important just not as imimportant as games. The marketing people, who I regard highly, and the decision makers made the biggest ef up and are still paying for it.

To be honest, ms were right to change their identity or they'd be even further behind in all regions. I think of it as losing a bad habit as apposed to losing their identity. Their angle towards the casuals with kinect, the tv lovers disappointed many of their core customers and thats not even including the draconian systems they had planned. Ms had to adapt. No point being wrong and strong in business. Their id shift was perfectly warranted

deadpoolio3161219d ago

Its no different than the majority of this year with the Xbot cult crying and going on and on and on about how indies suck, indies are the worst only stupid Sony ponies(god ponies is retarded, same with the morons who call it the Pauperstation)....

Yet E3 rolls along and MS announces some indie titles and suddenly its OMG, OMG indies are the greatest OMG indies rule, PS4 has no games and indies are the greatest thing ever...

Amazing how when one company is embracing indies and actually paying attention to them they are stupid, but when the company you would pay to bukkake you does it then suddenly it's the second coming of Jesus....

smalltowngamer5031219d ago

LOL, I think the main point to pick up from this thread is PSfanboys can't seem to stomache accepting the fact that Sony pulled the same BS Microsoft pulled so they must justify the non-difference with their own reasons.

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Germany71219d ago

Are you trying to compare this announcement to an entire conference talking about TV and Kinect features just like the Xbox One reveal? Let's not forget about the arrogance of Don Mattrick and Microsoft trying to block used games and make the console always online to work properly, it's really easy to be humble after lose by a big margin on sales number.

There are tons of reasons why PS4 it's the leader right now and this is happening since the end of the last generation, with better and more exclusives, investing on new ips and not just the same thing ever and ever, just look at how many awards Sony exclusives won recently with games like The Last of Us, Journey, Uncharted series and LittleBigPlanet.

Because of the success of PS4 ( that's why sales really matter), lot of developers want to bring your games to PS4 too. It's really funny how you only mentioned the timed-exclusives, what about to compare the first-party games of Sony with the Xbox One?

I think it's not smart to call everyone crazy and hypocrite based on one site opinion, and playing the victim card saying things like "Sony fans are evil", "they are everywhere", it's really old, or do you forget the beginning of the last generation on every site about games?

Microsoft still have a lot of work to do with Xbox One to decrease the gap, they made a great E3, but Sony was even better.

Lennoxb631219d ago

"There are tons of reasons why PS4 it's the leader right now."

Umm. Not really. There's only one reason. It's EXACTLY like the 360. Just more powerful.

jmac531219d ago

Well said but unfortunately there is no use trying to reason with them. They forgot all about that disaster of a conference. They were the ones defending the no used games fiasco.

remixx1161219d ago

No Lennox the ps4 is nothing like the 360, it actually has games.....diverse exclusive games.....I'm sorry but the 360 was a trashbox.

Keep in mind I loved my trashbox till the day it broke on me and I still love it but I think it starved from the lack of games...

nicksetzer11219d ago

No, it was a console reveal talking about the consoles features. E3 wa about games, and they talked about games. A hardware reveal you talk about the hardware.

Also, no that is not what I am comparing. I made it qiite clear what I was comparing. People complaijing about tv, timed exclusives and dlc deal when MS did it, but now praising it.

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fermcr1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

TV functions in a console is cool now...

This is the gaming world we live in. Gamers are hypocrites, specially fanboys. Personally I think fanboys are a bunch of sad hateful scumy d***heads.

nX1219d ago

I don't think any gamer would put TV functions over actual games. Xbox started as the TV/Multimedia/Kinect console, PS4 gets this stuff almost 2 years later.

The sad thing is, while Sony already released many new IP's on PS4 Microsoft is still focussing heavily on Halo/Gears/Forza, isn't this the definition of fanboyism?

ninsigma1219d ago

Well it's been cool this whole gen according to xbox fans.

nicksetzer11219d ago

@bloodborn Ryse, sunset overdrive, titanfall, recore, quantum break, scapebound, ori, screamride, cuphead, etc all are exclusive to xbox/PC or timed and are all new IP. I guess those don't count though?

iain041219d ago

@nicksetzer. Bubble vote for actual intelligence being on display.

gosukyomomma1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

huh? your going on like the n4g community wrote this article? Its blatantly someone from the site called erm techdaring the site you chose to click the link to? you didnt have to read it? but you did so why moan about the people on this site go moan to the person who wrote the article on techdaring its comments like these that make the fanboy arguements flare up in the firstplace on n4g

Docknoss1219d ago

Did you say heavy hitting and then say COD? HAHAHA... COD is will be nothing like it was last Gen in sales. People have finally wised up to it.

Magicite1219d ago

XBOX ONE (all-in-one) is no more ONE, they could as well rename it to something more proper.

Automatic791219d ago


This article is one of the worst I have read in a long time on this website. Knocking MS is BS, it should praise the direction and gamers approach it has taken. For years people have complained not enough games, too much focus on TV, online paywall you name it. Now they have a website for player feedback, the first party stream of titles has been consistent, no more paywall and the amount of responses to players request has made Xbox a better system.

What's even more horrible is that it ignores MS third party deals like Fallout4 with Gamer mod exclusivity first, Division DLC's, and Rainbow Six, plus new game preview feedback for titles like Elite Dangerous, The long Dark and Day Z. I mean I could be wrong but to me as a gamer that is fantastic. I could never understand media and the amount wasted hate. Especially, a week into one of the best E3's I have seen in a few years.

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I agree. In most EVERY way that people naysay Microsoft, they're hypocritical about similar with Sony... it's all a bit "evil", and a fitting example of dramatic qualities associated with PS4's "daemonic" forked NIX base OS, that has a devil as a mascot.

I think the way that Sony fans don't notice their hypocrisy is symbolic of "ignor(e)ance", and I think how they notice 900P versus 1080P while approving TLG, looking like the same PS3 game from 2009, is symbolic of "daemonic" possession... another example of that "theme" is a recent article describing Shuhei Yoshida as the most "adorable" man in Japan, because he plays a game about being "blood thirsty" (Bloodborne).

In other words, Xbox has not lost its identity... it's the home of "Halo".

Implying the reverse\BACKWARDS resulting in hypocrisy is generally how Sony fans naysay Microsoft... in this case, the author implies that Microsoft has lost its identity while Sony promotes 100% DRM casual cloud gaming with PS Now that requires always online, they focus on TV with Vue, and they try to become more of a home for "dudebro" gamers with CoD.

I notice similar in all sorts of dramas besides consoles, though that's another story.

@jmac53, it's similar to "bad asses" not realizing that the word "bad" etymologically means "effeminate man", thus "bad ass" means "effeminate man ass", and that's why they "beat ass", suck off "fags" (cigarettes), wear ladies jewelry, and love (patterns of) pricks in their asses (tattoos) that often spread devil worship symbolism. <- That sort of joke symbolism is ALL through History (such as the first pederasts actually exchanged the gifts of COCKerels and walNUTS, #FACT!)... I think that's how God symbolically writes evil men as pART of a divine "roast" (look up "comedic roast" on Wikipedia).

jmac531219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )


GrubsterBeater1219d ago

I have no idea what you're trying to say here, but it hurts my brain... Not sure if talking about Satan, or talking about XBox or PS4...

Cupid_Viper_31219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

No, the reason to buy the PS4 is that it is factually a more powerful and game focused console than Microsoft's Xbox One. It has released about 100 more games than the competition in the same time frame. Adding to it is the fact that the PS4 has continued in the long tradition of the PlayStation brand of offering "extras" besides just gaming.

At some point, guys from either camps are going to have to stop playing the "victim card" so much. Because it actually does make actual discussions on here an impossibility.

You're the first comment on an article from a website called and yet, you're already blaming N4G and accusing people of hypocrisy before anyone else has had a chance to comment on that article. So to who was your comment reffering to? And who are these N4G members who agrees with the following statement you made?

"So the reason to buy a PS4 is now the same reason people have been complaining about xbox for years ".

Secondly, since we're on the topic of hyprocrisy and all. Wasn't it the XBox camp guys who heavily criticized Sony after every system update to the PS4 for not implementing DLNA support? And isn't DLNA Support a "non-gaming" related feature? Wasn't it one of the many reasons cited by the Xbox camp as to why the XBOX One is better suited for them?

"And 3rd party content and timed exclusives are Sony's roundhouse now. With games like hellblade, no man's sky, destiny, cod, ffvii, etc and that is now a plus?"

I'm not sure how old you are and how long you've been gaming, so I'm going to make the assumption that you're genuinely ignorant on the subject matter, so I'll explain it to you.

The practice of Timed-Exclusives existed long before Sony and Microsoft started going at it. However, over the years Sony has built up an unprecedented line up of first party studios and became less and less dependent on Timed-Exclusives (something we can discuss in more details later if you want to). On the hand you had Microsoft who actually saw a different avenue and become more and more reliant on third party games and their timed-exclusive deals that came with some them. As MS relied more heavily on 3rd multiplatform games, it became more and more important that such games been seen almost as an exclusive for the XBox 360. This is what gave rise to the "Exclusive marketing partnerships of Call of Duty, etc. And how the Xbox 360 became known as the "Dude-Bro Shooter console".

People heavily criticized the PS3 for that actually. They even made claim that Call of Duty and other 3rd party games were offered an "inferior" experience on the PS3. None of that was actually factual, but the perception hurt Sony and the PS3 on that front. And this was also used as ammo in fanboy war battles.

So yes, Sony is now being praised, rightfully so, for changing that perception about their product and dominate the competition on most, if not not, all fronts this gen. I don't care that Destiny is or COD is being marketed exclusively for PS4, or that PS4 gets a DLC 1 month earlier than the XBOX One. I'm assuming that most informed gamers don't care either because they know that it is a multiplatform game and they eventually get the same contents eventually.

So you come in here, being the first comment, and already playing the victim before anyone says anything is quite funny to me and shows that there's really something eating away at you. The craziness you speak of is literally stemming from within you. The shoe is on the other foot and you guys simply can't take it, and it's actually funny to watch.

Gh05t1217d ago

I think you are missing the general point of most people here saying these things.

We are very aware that the shoe is on the other foot. We are also laughing because now that you have the same shoe that many claimed was anti-gamer and bad for gaming, is being applauded.

This is the same kind of situation we dealt with at the beginning of this generation when PS4 decided to start charging for online play. PS fans used to rail on MS for charging for Gold service. Then PS says they will and all of the sudden there is excuses to why its okay and how they still get more for the service. Not that I disagree that PS online service may offer more of a deal but the arguement was always that MS charged and only after Sony decided to do the same thing did most people from the sony side start making excuses for it.

This is the same situation. MS has been railed for the same things we saw in the Sony conference, but now it seems like its okay.

Not going to lie as much as you may be enjoying the show.... there are people on this side enjoying it just as much.

Not all fans are fanboys and i have a fealing these fans are the ones laughing at the general bickering of the two camps arguing about whos brother can beat up who.

Anyways i like most of what you said but think you were missing that you are trying to reason with the xbox fanboy, which is like an xbox fanboy trying to reason with a sony fanboy, its better to have our opinions and just watch and laugh at the idiocy they both spew out.

Davi1231219d ago

I understand exactly what you are saying! But exist a big problem that you aren't see. MS promised that XBox one would be one greatness device of multimedia and we are still waiting for that. Sony now have "Vue" and a free app to play MP3/4, AAC, LC, AC-3, etc. Things that Sony have not promised and now in terms of multimedia, Xbox one and PS4 are practically the same. And still continued to deliver more games than MS! Horizon, Dreams, Uncharted 4, Tearaway Unfolded, Tomorrow Children, Persona 5, for example, are exclusives. The others one you mentioned are timed-exclusives as you say. The point is, the games part, aren't suffer like it happened with MS in the beginning.

Give_me_head_strong1218d ago

Ashen, Halo 5, Cuphead, Gears Ultimate, Forza 6, RotTR, Quantum Break, Gears 4, Fable Legends etc
I think the Xbox One will be just fine..

Gh05t1217d ago

What exactly are you waiting for? What do you feel MS promised that hasnt been delivered?

Im genuinely interested.

Clarence1219d ago

Sony announced Tv service last year. So this is nothing new. I can remember xbone fans saying that it's all about 3rd party now not exclusives. Now that Sony has the strong support of 3rd party people are getting crazy. The PS4 will continue to dominate this gen, but it doesn't mean that the xbone is not a good console.

I don't think BC is all that great considering M$ has already remade halo for the xbone. Now they are bringing gears remastered for the xbone, and they make a new Forza every year. The PS3 started the multimedia thing, and every xbone fan, including the media stated that Sony had a identity crises. Remember Bluray. I remember xbone fans on here saying that the PS3 was just a movie player.

S2Killinit1219d ago

Its not hypocracy. The difference between what NS was doing and what Sony has done is that the focus on games has never been in tv and other casual applications. MS announced a gaming console without mentioning games for gods sake. This came after the core gamers had been dissapointed in MS's lack of support for core gaming fir the second half of the last veneration while Sony was delivering games up to and beyond the beginning of the new/current generation. Thats why MS was grilled. Not just because they had tv functionality.

nicksetzer11219d ago

Ahh, I always love the people who will search as deep as they can to find a reaso. Their hypocrisy is ... ok.

There is really not a difference, except your need to find one. Just like people will claim Tomb raider is a money grab, but no man's sky, hellblade, ffvii and sfv are all great moves.

S2Killinit1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Umm ok. I just gave you the actual difference between the two cases. If you choose to consciously disregard facts thats up to you. But just so you know this is your answer.

Ps: furthermore, Vue is a streaming service that is available on devices other than the PS4. And Its implication by no means hinders the ability of the PS4 to render games to the PS4's max capability. MS on the other hand had allocated xbox's processing power to the use of kinect in conjunction with the tv functionality. What MS did was reveal a GAMING console, for the first time, while not mentioning games. They were strictly speaking to non-gamers/casuals. THAT's why people were upset with MS. They saw that gamers/gaming was not MS's core target. Lets get the facts straight, there is no hypocracy here.