Shuhei Yoshida Playing Bloodborne & What That Speaks About Sony

Last week, Shu appeared on Playstation Blogcast where he revealed that the boss in video gave him a world of trouble. So, he went on youtube and saw many Let’s Play videos and also asked the developers for certain tips. He really wanted to beat the boss since it was the only thing separating him from a successful Platinum. His next game is Dark Souls 2 because he hasn’t yet played the DLCs.

There is an interesting case to be made here. Shu clearly is a video game lover. How little would the gap in communication be between the President and the developers? Also mentioned in the podcast is the fact that it was Shu who asked for the delay of the game as he believed it needed more time for polishing. Not a request from the developers, but the President himself. It’s clear that Shu was very much involved in the production of Bloodborne. When there is such a great rapport between the corporate firm and the developing firm, it’s definitely a good sign for gaming in general though not guaranteeing a great product in itself

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Griever1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Shuhei Yoshida is a business executive who is also a gamer at heart. Really respect the guy for his love of gaming. It speaks volumes about Sony's passion for gaming where even the company's leadership plays games and has skills. And people say they are all just greedy ba****ds only in this to make as much money as possible. At least some of them also love to play their own games despite running a business for money. lol

PlayableGamez1204d ago

They are in it for the money dude. Which is not a bad thing, but you can't be in denial of the fact that every corporation is in it for the money. However, that doesn't mean they can't have a passion for their products.

KwietStorm1204d ago

I don't believe he said otherwise. It just isn't their only motivation. That's what the whole article is embellishing on.

lashes2ashes1204d ago

Saying all companies are in it from the money really is a kinda of in correct. We are talking about people not robots. Yes most company's were formed to make money but it's also not as simple as that. There are companies that want to be the best and there are company's that want to to help people. I'm sure there are people at the top of Sony who are only concerned with the bottom line. But there very well could be top people that really are there be cause they love the industry and want to see it grow.

ShinMaster1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Shuhei Yoshida is one of the few suits in major game publishers that actually plays games with frequency and does it well.

BTW, no one is denying that every company is in the business to make money. But there are different ways of going about it.
Take for example, Sony's PS4 announcement and policies vs Microsoft's Xbox One announcement and policies. Both ways would have made money, but there are better, more consumer friendly ways to do it and win over gamers.

PaleMoonDeath1204d ago

Someone who loves playing video-games is also doing buisness in video-games, pretty much the best job you could conjur up for someone like him, and hey he likes the Souls games, dudes got taste.

PhoenixUp1204d ago

I wonder if Phil Spencer is great at Sunset Overdrive

supraking9511204d ago

nobody played that. They praised it cause it got good reviews, but gamers didnt really want that. NPD showed it didnt even make the Top 10 in its released month

LexHazard791204d ago

I played Sunset so did plenty others. Might not have set the NPD Fire but it was a great game. With your one bubble it seems no one wants you around! Let me guess your getting praise because youre in a Sony thread spewing garbage about a great game that ofcourse you didnt want because its not on your console of choice, Lol...

OMG Shu plays games who would thought
..and so does Spencer and Miyamoto..

InTheLab1204d ago

It's not a bad game and it's a shame no one played it. The tower defense mini game is amazing but damn the characters and lame humor really hurt it.

Dewitt1204d ago

Wow you are completely clueless it was very popular when it was first released and I loved the game. Best new IP so far this gen IMO.

PhoenixUp1204d ago

Tragic that such a unique game didn't get the sales it deserved. If it were on PS4 I guarantee sales would've been higher.

ServerBOT1204d ago

Didnt sony reject it because it was a bit similar to infamous? I wished it came to ps4 because infamous second son was boring compared to part 2.

Sunset overdrive just looked FUN.

PhoenixUp1204d ago

No the problem was that Sony wanted to own the IP and Insomniac wanted something to call their own for once, so they took their business to Xbox One instead. Sony doesn't care if any of their IPs have similarities with on another

rainslacker1204d ago

Spencer is a pretty big gamer from what I hear. Not sure if he's good at SO, but I'm sure he played it, but not sure how much.

Phill-Spencer1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Nah, i'm sure he is acting like a big gamer. You no, letting others play for him. So the x1 crowd can say,,he is our saviorrrrrr"

@ rainslacker
You might be right. I thought the very same i've stated above about shu until i saw him playing bloodborne. I mean, it's not little big planet where everybody without gaming experience can sit down and play and beat a boss. Thought it was some pr-thing so we can say ,,he is one of us." Would have no problem if i'm going to be proven wrong one day about spencer.

rainslacker1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

I doubt that. Phil started off as a system engineer and designer. He's developed games. You usually don't start off in that area, when he started off anyways, unless you actually like video games. It takes a special kind of passion to develop games. either way, most people of a technical mind such as that tend to enjoy games and other nerdy things. Just the way I've seen him dress tends to indicate that he's more of a gamer than he is a businessman, but I will say he seems to be doing OK on the business side of things, and I hope he can succeed in his current position so maybe other companies will think that smart gamers can run a company better than a money focused businessman who only looks at analytics instead of going by the gamers gut instinct.

There are just some people you can tell have a passion for games when they talk about them, and Phil always struck me as that kind of person, so when people say he's a big gamer, I tend to believe them.

I don't assume to know for sure, nor can I say if he's a big gamer or simply a occasional hardcore, but it wouldn't surprise me if he is. I'm a Sony fan, so I have no reason to "defend" him, but I always liked Spencer.

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