Develop: Xbox Live Party presents 'opportunity for clever game design'

GAMEFEST 08: Studios can use new team options to make mutliplayer more engaging, says Microsoft

New 360 multiplayer tool Xbox Live Party could provide a new way for developers to build games that use team play in innovative ways.

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Mc Fadge3739d ago

They didn't really give any examples?


Than anything else......

I know you can -as a party - share photos but could you,for instance the following as an 8 man party?:

Share photos,play a few games of big team Halo3,all play that 1 vs 100 game shown at E3 then all watch a movie that one of the party has available....

If this is do able then MS have just moved the goal posts yet again!!

THE_MACC3739d ago

you said "then all watch a movie that one of the party has available..."

sounds great, and I would really be up for that. But isn't that sort of file sharing and would be illegal?


Yer not to sure about this - i thing HOME will have a feature like this though.

Then it occured to me what if,for instance, you have a party of 7 20 year olds and 1 guy who is 15 and one of the older guys wants to share an 18 rated movie for you all to watch (zombie axe death killers).

Would the older guy be breaking laws for showing an 18 rated film to a minor?

Also i think that if you watch a movie toghether the people in the party who share it from you watch it through your xbox and its not classed as file sharing.

Im not sure now actually.........perhaps someone could clear this up *unravels himself from all the knots he is in*

THE_MACC3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

hahah, well done.

that is a really good point about the certificate ratings issues as well. I wonder if Microsoft would be held responsible for that, or would they say it is up to the users.

And then, do you have to vet all the friend on you list, as some kid could be like 15 with a really deep voice, and say he is over 18. if he is not someone you know, in the real world, and just one of your on line buddies. how can you tell.
would you still be open to getting sued.

I think your right about that not being classed as file sharing though, now that I have thought about it too.

iMad3739d ago

What will be the same situation as when being a 15 years old you say "Oh, i validate I am 18+" om porno sites.

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