Dreams Is Difficult To Explain, Will Have Game Content, Says Dev

Media Molecule devs speak about Dreams, the PS4 exclusive revealed at E3 2015.

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Chris_Wray1400d ago

Hmm, sounds an interesting one

ccgr1400d ago

Agreed, can't wait to see more

UKmilitia1400d ago

while i thought it looked kinda cool i dont think it will be a hit as its a very niche thing imo.

but then again i didnt really get the point of it.

Conzul1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

You think the ability to craft representations of your DREAMS is going to be a "NICHE THING"? Especially once you can share them with the world to experience similar to how YOU did?!?

That's the stuff of ... lol ... Dreams!!!!

EDIT: Not to seem puerile, but if there was something like this with a T or M rating, the content could be so much more meaningful and lasting to vastly more people. But MM with their sackboys and polar bears grumble grumble. I want a part of the game to be like that website for logging stupid ideas when you're high. high-deas, I think it's called. But in dream/game form.

callahan091400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Giving people the ability to create the kinds of animations and art seen in that trailer, just by using a DualShock 4 controller and doing it on a PS4, is something so mind-blowing to me that I almost don't believe it. But I DO believe them, because Media Molecule have proven themselves, and they are a trustworthy developer for that reason. They said that the movie we watched was made entirely in the game using a DualShock 4, and people who are skeptical of this title need to sit back for a moment and just really think about that. That is absolutely absurd, that they have developed the kind of tools that will enable people to make movie-quality animations and art using nothing more than a standard videogame controller. T

his thing is a game-changer, not just for gaming, but for digital art in general. We're going to see a revolution in digital art, with thousands if not millions more people creating things that we can't even imagine right now.

I hate to make such a crude comparison, but it reminds me of Mario Paint in a way. That game has always been considered a brilliant idea by Nintendo, and it's a beloved title with a strong legacy. This game is doing something like that but taken to an extreme new level. We have to get rid of our preconceived notions of what a game is supposed to be. We accepted Mario Paint for what it was over 20 years ago, and it was a well-received success, and I think Dreams is going to find its audience as well.

pivotplease1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

I'm still wondering how the game aspect of dreams works because so far we've only seen two presentations of animation with no real gameplay. Very curious to see how you would play it. Would it be like Littlebigplanet but with the ability to have cutscenes and a greater variety of gameplay?

Edit: better cutscenes

Rocky51399d ago

Don't forget the PSEYE cam, that's required for the console to see the pad led.

Looks interesting, I wonder if you can make games or is the primarily an animation & sculpturing game?

rainslacker1399d ago

I'm really keen to see how well it can make game play scenarios. Watching dreams and manipulating over peoples creations is cool and all, but without something to do otherwise it seems like it would get old for us less artistic types. Seems like it would end up being like some sort of YouTube thing where you can only watch pre-made content, but with some things for the watcher to do to manipulate them. Things like LBP worked for the non-artist because it was it easy to plug in the assets to make things happen.

Still waiting to see more. MM is good at making unique experiences.

GameForever1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Seems like it's going to be something similar to Project Spark, except with Media Molecules style.

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Festano1400d ago

Those bears look so cute!

Imp0ssibl31400d ago

The art style is fantastic. Go MM!

ps4fanboy1400d ago

I admit , i actually said awwww out loud when i seen the bears.

Summons751400d ago

The fact that they can't explain what it is and how it plays makes me really skeptical. I want this to be amazing but until I play it's 50/50 right now.

DanteVFenris6661400d ago

Your skeptical about a studio that only has 9/10 games on metacritic?

Summons751400d ago

So just because they have had great fortune before means they can't screw up? I'm not saying it IS bad but I'm wary because not knowing how to explain a product you are telling me I should buy is pretty bad. I honestly hope it's great because I will play the crud out of it like I did with LBP 1&2 and Tearaway if that is still coming out for Ps4.

UKmilitia1400d ago

well im skeptical too.

little big planets had a clear direction and easy to grasp,same with tearaway.

this imo is nothing like those 2 and seems more of a sandbox game like sparks which i also dont see the point too yet fair cool to watch.

Baka-akaB1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

What's judged here is the game they wanted to show us , not their stellar history .

Their history gives them a rep , goodwill and leeway , not a pass at presenting something understandable .

As it stand they didnt demo me a game nor explained it's concept properly , it's too abstract till they do so . It was reminiscent of that Linger in Shadows tech demo on ps3 .

If it's mostly a creation tool or arts tool , fine , awesome even , but make it clear at some point .

If there is actually gaming involved within it ? Great too , but likewise make it clear eventually

DanteVFenris6661400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Yes but your judging a game based upon a for what was most likley a cgi trailer. There's not enough info to judge based upon what they have us. So going from their track record I'm assuming it'll be great. As there one of the most creative devs

They even said on the stage they wanted you to be puzzled. So of course you will be.... When we get more gameplay we will know what it's about. It's just the initial reveal they wanted people to talk

mixelon1400d ago

Ragdoll Kung fu? :)

MM can be trusted anyway.

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comebackkid98911400d ago

I love MM but have to agree. Perhaps a 3D LBP? Something tells me the experience will boil down to narrative only.

Alexious1400d ago

That doesn't mean that it won't be great to play.

It's just a different concept than we're used to.

subtenko1400d ago

You cant explain everything you can do and imagine in LBP because its so vast! You gotta show and experience!

Same thing with this...

Summons751400d ago

But little big planet you CAN explain to sell. An platforming/adventure game where you can create entire levels and share them. This was equivalent to a guy walking up to you on the street with a wrapped package trying to sell it by saying "It's really cool, it's really weird, and I can't explain it so pay money", would you buy that? No. They need to explain it and show it for me to get sold on this game. The art direction looks cool as hell but if they can't explain basic gameplay mechanics then they have bigger problems.

subtenko1399d ago

They dont wanna give away everything just yet tho plus its not finished. One step at a time. Its like any other E3 trailer. I dont know wtf most or the new announced games are about or how it will play from a lot of devs. They are peaking interest with people too

dafegamer1399d ago

its ok to be skeptcal, but Media Molecule is a proven dev(just like ND), they know what they're doing

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