No More Nintendo Suprises This Year

Are those of you who felt let down by Nintendo's E3 showing hanging onto hopes that maybe, just maybe they'll pull something out just for you at the last minute? As if it were your birthday, and all day everyone seemed to have forgotten, and just as you're heading home for the night, surprise!

If that sounds like you, here comes Cammie Dunaway to crash your party.

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Voiceofreason3741d ago

Nice article spin. Take what was said, totally change it around and present it as fact. We already know they are saving their HC games for TGS, that is still in 08. Saying we have seen the 08 line up is hardly the same thing as NIntendo will announce nothing else new this year.

Voiceofreason3741d ago

LOL I got a disagree from someone who clearly cannot understand English or back up their disagree with anything to prove me wrong..

haphilli3741d ago

better be amazing... I think they got a hint that core gamers were not too happy about Nintendo's offerings, they have enough time to scrape something together for us.

midgard2293741d ago

hardcore hasnt gotten a hardcore serioes single player game since no more heroes, nintendo sux, sry serious gamers use their ps3 or 360

NowGen3741d ago

the nintendo line up for 2008 and beyond is crappy imo. its been crappy, so why would anyone think otherwise. its nintendo, a kiddie system.and you cant tell me otherwise because if you look at the lineup it mostly for kids. and being an adult i find those games crappy. but my daughter would luv it. because she's 4 yrs old.and the wii was made just for her. thanks nintendo for keepnig our children in you thoughts and giving them a headstart system to introduce the kids to gaming. your the best nintendo.

Voiceofreason3741d ago

How have you not been kicked from this area with that complete load of fanboy BS?I'm sure you let your 4 year old play MAdworld,NMH, Cod,Mortal Kombat.. I could go on but it is obvious that you care little for facts and more for flaming.

Mausenheimmer3741d ago

"You have seen the extent of Nintendo's 2008 holiday lineup,"

That sounds pretty much like what the article promises. I suppose they could release something new in September or October. But why wouldn't they announce that at E3? You need a few months to raise public awareness.

Voiceofreason3741d ago

What Nintendo said is nothing new will be added to the 08 list of games. That is not the same thing as saying there will no more announcements from NIntendo what so ever about any new games.

Mausenheimmer3741d ago

Yeah, I know they will eventually announce a new game. But not for the year of 2008. That's what the article says. The article is not misleading.

This is a problem for the Wii because it has a crippling shortage of good games and there is no relief in sight.

Axelay3741d ago

Dude why are you wasting your time here ?
Don't lose your time on trying to put some reason on fanboys head.

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