Mad Max is Not So Fast or Furious | VGChartz Preview

VGChartz's Jake Weston: "As a huge fan of Fury Road, and the Mad Max series as a whole, I admittedly carried those expectations in with me when I checked out Avalanche's Mad Max game. While Mad Max looks like it will continue Warner's recent streak of great license-based games, certain aspects of the demo gave some room for doubt."

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rezzah1216d ago

it has this open world twisted metal vibe to it.

kingeliran1216d ago

it looks like a great game, from the pure gameplay videos it does look really fun.

Khajiit861216d ago

I am a huge Mad Max fan, but everytime I want a game like this to hit it out of the park I am let down, So I will just prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

ChronoJoe1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I'm expecting this to get just 'okay' reviews (7-8 metacritic). I think critics will feel let down by its relatively rigid / repetitive nature. It doesn't look innovative, it just looks like what you would expect from a Mad Max game... alongside a rather polished aesthetic.

Fans will probably like it, and I would imagine fans of car combat games will also enjoy it, but it will be critisized like the Amazing Spiderman was for borrowing from series like Batman Arkham series for its combat mechanics.

Either way, it looks fun enough for me to buy it. So I'm going to buy it, and I'm sure it will help me pass a good portion of september away, while I wait for other titles. :)