Games aren’t art, and it’s our fault

It’s difficult to see sometimes, but somehow at every corner games are becoming this Katamari Damacy-esque sort of ball, slowly losing pieces while piles of new pieces are added everyday. Nobody really cares, and this is one of the main reasons why games aren’t art.

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Axonometri1217d ago

But a big ball made of bits and pieces sitting on a pedestal is art. Right...
Games are art for one simple reason. Artists create art that is visible in all games but text based. Every game results in a player having an emotion. By definition, games are, art.

jangoblamba1217d ago

I have to ask, did you read the article?

gamer78041216d ago

he's right though, he says "nobody cares". Which is factually incorrect. Games take Graphic Artists to create "artwork" and thus contain many many pieces of art within one game.

Baka-akaB1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

why should he with that silly title ? And the content here aint exactly better , mostly the title "expanded" in an even unrelated yet misguided way

subtenko1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

Title is absolute rubbish. Games can be a form of art. This is so disrespectful to say, and yea I didn't read the fkn article becuz its a BS statement!

I've seen MANY DIFFERENT titles in games that aren't even ment to be an 'art showcase' and people create nice things using in-game creation from GTA V to LBP, to back in the Gameboy Color days. Even Mario paint...Pixeljunk 4am, etc. I haven't even scratched the surface.

Thats just the user end too.. the devs have this thing know..ARTIST that draw models in 3d space after its SKETCHED on paper!

Keep and cherish the Arts people! We cant let that die out, seriously. In schools, everywhere. Keep and understand the arts in many forms!

Bimkoblerutso1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

The article is painfully mis-titled. This is actually about how the current market, with digital distribution and licensing models, is destroying the industry's history....which it is.

I don't know why the whole "art" thing was rolled into the title knowing that it's a pretty hot debate in and of itself. It's actually a fairly good article.

mydyingparadiselost1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

I did read your article and have to say that I agree, for the most part. We may treat games as an art form when we play and experience them, but in the eyes of the law they're nothing more than products.
Like the prints on a paper towel, they're made to be there and look good and then be tossed away when it's used. Very few companies or gamers even care about the preservation of these games for future generations, or even for themselves when they're older, and simply think it will all work itself out. Things like patches to make games fuctional, DRM and DLC only make the problem more difficult and access less likely in the future.
It's funny, so man people on here talk about how there's no real games journalism anymore but when an article pops up that talks about a real problem that rarely gets recognized it's all "clickbait title" and "I don't need to read it to know it's stupid, games ARE art". Read a little everyone, it's good for your brain.

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3-4-51216d ago

* Games are Art and if you don't see they you are blind.

* If games aren't art then movies and books aren't art either, nor is painting a picture.

Ark_1216d ago

Not all movies or books are a piece of art, nor are games. There has to be some kind of aspiration and craft in it ... to be called art. Imo at least.

A sitcom (movie) is not art, nor is my camping guide (book), nor is Call of Duty (game) ...

Most games I would call "entertainment".

Big_Game_Hunters1217d ago

Dumbest debate,Who decides what is art? Any creation that carries the passion and vision of a its creater can be art.

jangoblamba1217d ago

Well my argument in the article was that art has to be treated as art. A forest is just a forest. If we tear down the forest, it isn't art anymore. Gaming has had this issue of not making old stuff playable (from a legal standpoint). And the lack of care to bring these old titles to the modern day is becoming an increasing problem. Of course, you're more than welcome to read the article if you're curious about some more of the points I make :)

Lennoxb631216d ago

Tearing down a forest isnt art? In video games, destruction is STILL art.

rezzah1216d ago

Actually one can find art in the destruction of things too, something doesn't have to be created to be art. It is all about emotions.

Art isn't universal and will never be, it will always be forgotten to time regardless of how some will try to preserve it. Disputing what is art or the extent of how artful something can be is pointless, unless using the connotations towards a topic being art in the media to sway minds for a business perspective.

JasonKCK1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

"Dumbest debate"

No kidding.

subtenko1216d ago

Thank you! Thank you all! If we lose the arts we lose a part of who we are. Dumba** schools trying to get rid of arts programs, n sht. Fk that! That means less art forms from kids who grow up, less games, less music, less everything!

Ya don't have to like every particular form and piece, but don't let anyone take away any creative thoughts and hope from people.

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1217d ago

I'm tired of gamers having to defend gaming as an art form.

No... Instead I demand that the naysayers explain to us how gaming is NOT an art.

jangoblamba1217d ago

Well now, you happen to be in luck! You have an article ready to click on right here that might explain some of the reasons why I don't think games are art yet. You're more than welcome to read it rather than read the title and make a comment :)

JasonKCK1217d ago

I think AvaDevine meant real reasons.

Spotie1216d ago

Nobody cares why you think games aren't art. Many millions more people DO, including many millions who are gamers.

Stop defending your crappy article and write a better one, instead.

BrandanT1217d ago

Then why do videos games have art directors, sound directors, story writers, etc.?

Axonometri1217d ago

Not to forget Concept artists, environment artists, texture artists, character artists, modelers, animators, script writers... and so on.

Moe-Gunz1216d ago

I think people confuse art and meaning/purpose. Black Swan is looked at as an art film and Transformers is looked at as a Blockbuster film. Truth is they're both art (no matter how much I hate Transformer films). The difference is one is going for entertainment and the other is looking to make a statement. It's no doubt that both are created by artist.

So it's really just people playing games with the word art. It's a creation and is art. Does it make a statement or tries to deliver a message is what you're really asking.

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