10 Changes the Final Fantasy VII Remake Needs

"I should say right away that none of the stupid s*** I write here matters.

"More than anything, I’m just happy to get the remake I’ve been wanting since the PS2 era. My usual attitude towards remakes is that, if they’re too different, whatever; I’ll always have the wonderful original. To me, this remake’s primary function is to scratch an itch — to answer the question “What if?”

"Without it, we’d never know. But in a few years (supposedly), we will know what FFVII would be like if it were made in the new generation. While content to sit back and see what happens, I know some things I’d be pushing for if I were on that dev team." -PSLS

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knifefight1218d ago

So excited to play this in HD.

Godmars2901218d ago

So hoping they make the right, no matter how impossible that may sound.

never4get1218d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay looks amazing.

Godmars2901218d ago

And fundamentally its no different than KH1, whereas the original FF7 had turn based combat and Square has moved on to realtime mechanics. Have largely lambasted the former since moving on to the latter. Just as they've given up on mini-games and, until recently, overworlds. Though in the case of returning overworld they've insisted on a 1-1 scale. Something which will only force drastic changes onto a remake of FF7.

NukaCola1218d ago

I would hope they didn't change the bitmap style camera angles, but that is just a preference. I think the game will traverse in a much more free camera world. I just don't want that dark look to be polished out, like how Oddworld New and Tasty lost it's look going HD.

1. We can drop the Mario 64 CLOUD, lol and give the guy some fingers.

2. Summons revamped graphically and creatively

3. Encourage a faster progression for Aerith since many players never get to see her more advanced weapons and abilities.

4. More side quests and maybe a house somewhere to store things you collect like 1/12 ShinRa Soldier, so these things feel like you earned something for finding them.

Becuzisaid1218d ago

Honestly since everyone knows Aerith bites the dust, I never bother with leveling her abilities.

DiscoKid1218d ago

More Zack would be awesome.

Becuzisaid1218d ago

I'm torn between and updated combat system and turn based. I think I'll be happy regardless. Materia can't really be touched because it ties into the story too heavily.

I'm really wanting a more fully featured world map and a more to-scale town settings. I would honestly love an open world set up like FF15 is attempting.

I want the funny quirks to remain in the story. And please don't lose the character arcs for Barrett and others throughout. My biggest fear is they'll over emphasize Cloud's story and miss out on retelling a lot of the background for the secondary characters.

goldwyncq1218d ago

Cloud crossdressing has been confirmed so that makes me hopeful that they won't remove the quirky bits.

CaspuR1218d ago

As much as i loved the orginal i really feel like ff7s remake should expand on ff15 battle system while retaining the ability to play with all ur party members. I love turn based games as much as the next guy, but it just doesnt work for every game anymore final fantasy is among them. And people please dont give me the excuse that turn base is more strategic than an action rpg because it really isnt. 95% of ff7 battles revolves around you waiting ur turn spamming ur strongest attack and healing if need be, limit break whenever u get it rinse and repeat. Training is more laughable because all u really do is just spin ur directional pad in a circle waiting for a battle then mashing the O button till the enemies die, you dont even need to look at the screen.

toddybad1218d ago

I love FF7 - I still have the original PC version upstairs somewhere - and, like many others, I've always wanted to see it redone. TBH I would have been happier with simply updated graphics. I just can't see how they can remake it without it being a different game. That surely defeats the object of the exercise? I hope they pull of the seemingly impossible and make an even better FF7 but I'm worried that it actually isn't possible. Maybe the past should remain just that sometimes?

CaspuR1218d ago

The remake can certainly be a better "Game" than the original but in order to do so Square cannot be afraid to experiment with certain things. That being said the core story should and probably will remain the same, because as we all know a good story is timeless, But mechanically FF7 needs to be redone IMO. Everything but the materia system should be redone to fit modern day standards.

toddybad1218d ago

They don't really have a choice now they've gone for the remake. It'll be interesting to see what comes out - I'm just not sure I trust SE to do it justice!

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