E3 2015: Final Fantasy 7 is a Remake, Not a Remaster

The PS4 version of Final Fantasy VII isn't just a simple remastering of the original, but instead will be an entirely remade version of the beloved PS1 game.

In an IGN interview, executive producer Shinji Hashimoto told us that the team tasked with bringing the JRPG classic to Sony's modern console is looking back at the original to see what needs to be changed.

The game will be more than just an update, in other words. It will be a full-blown remake. "We're putting in a lot of careful thought to meet" the expectations of fans, Hashimoto told us.

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Kanako1243d ago

I wonder if they'll keep the traditional turned based strategy.

CaspuR1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

I hope not....

As much as i loved the orginal i really feel like ff7s remake should expand on ff15 battle system while retaining the ability to play with all ur party members. I love turn based games as much as the next guy, but it just doesnt work for every game anymore final fantasy is among them. And people please dont give me the excuse that turn base is more strategic than an action rpg because it really isnt. 95% of ff7 battles revolves around you waiting ur turn spaming ur strongest attack and healing if need be, limit break whenever u get it rince and repeat. Training is more laughable because all u really do is just spin ur directional pad in a circle waiting for a battle then mashing the O button till the enemies die, you dont even need to look at the screen.

Spotie1243d ago

Agreed. I won't be upset if they stick with turn-based combat(I don't believe they will), but not trying something else will be a missed opportunity, in my opinion.

CorndogBurglar1243d ago

What do you mean turn based doesn't work for final fantasy anymore?

It worked for Final Fantasy for over 10 games. Lol FF7 being the most popular.

dmixwell1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

To me the battle system isn't a deal breaker. From the looks of comments like yours and the out weighing dislikes, people want it to keep the old atb battle system.
It's not a thing square could do to this game that would prevent me from buying it.
With that being said I truly believe if they used graphics close to what was seen in the trailer, that whole random battle atb style would turn off newbies and it will look so strange

Griever1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

I do not think people will like it if they change the battle system. That will create a massive divide between the fans. They can tinker and balance the battle system by adding modern intricacies and technicalities but I think it should still be turn based. Turn based can be great challenging fun too. Recently, the Atelier Escha & Logy turn based battle system was awesome. Persona turn-based battle system is awesome as well. They fast, strategic and cool looking. IMO instead of dropping the turn-based system, they should upgrade it to modern times with increased challenge, strategy, improved camera angles, better animations and depth.

CaspuR1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )


Keyword in the quote you took from me is anymore, its been 14 years since final fantasy 10 and 18 since final fantasy 7 probably 20+ by the time this game comes out. Im not saying turn based games arn't good
But its time for Final fantasy to move on. In a modern game like pokemon I can fully understand why its turn based because your giving your pokemon commands to do so it fits the situation thus not breaking immersion. In Persona 4 it relies on trial and error in battles , You need to figure out ur enemies weakness in order to defeat them, there are to many things to consider in combat to make persona anything other than turn based. Final Fantasy 7 arn't bogged down by any restrictions it will translate well into an action rpg all they need to do is bring over the materia system and make it so you can use each of your party members freely thats it


I know people dont want it to be turn based as much as they think they do. Half of the people commenting probably havnt played final fantasy 7 since 2001, they are blinded by nostalgia and feel like the only way to do ff7 justice is to keep it the same. Im not surprised by there reaction to change, Most people arn't forward thinking, which isn't an offense to them, I just wish they would see the possibilities.

christian hour1242d ago


"probably havnt played final fantasy 7 since 2001, they are blinded by nostalgia and feel like the only way to do ff7 justice is to keep it the same"

Plenty of people playing FF7 on steam right now.

Personally, I bought FF7/8/9 psone classics on PSN 2-3 years ago and played them all recently.

Turn based is fine.

The people who have been asking for a remake for almost 2 decades, or the people who have been convinced each e3 we'd get one ever since that ps3 tech demo showed up, are definitely wanting a turn based system.

As someone who can remember rushing home to play FF7 as an excited ten year old all them years ago, I would prefer a turn based system over an action rpg. I honestly don't think this FF7 remake is for this new generation that have grown up with mostly action-rpgs. If you want to play a terrible final fantasy go play FFXIII or some crap.

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Arxios1243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

For me, if they don't try to keep the battle/materia system basically the same (maybe have the option of turning off the summons animation) then they shouldn't call it a FF7 remake, but instead have it be another entry like Crisis Core. I think by calling it a remake will give them flexibility with the game, but it shouldn't come at the expense of a function that was the core part of the original experience...IMO.

kingdomtriggers1243d ago

Nomura has gone on record several times that he doesn't really like turn based combat, so there is that….Advent children-like combat, oh the possibilities.

Simco8761243d ago

If they don't, it won't be a remake.

christian hour1242d ago

Exactly, the resi remake on gamecube couldve easily done away with those tank controls. But it didnt. BECAUSE IT WORKED! The clunky controls made fighting the undead all that much more terrifying.

The recent resi games done away with all of that, now they're not even terrifying, too action packed and gun ho, and anyone who's been with the series since the beginning HATES them. Kinda like what happened with recent Final Fantasys. Yes, change is good, but that doesnt mean things always change for the better. Sometimes people change the wrong things.

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greenmiker1243d ago

Its time to replay that epic game after years!

ShinnokDrako1243d ago

Mh... i guess i misunderstood then. Not "remaster" (revamped graphics and some extra) but "remake". They're really going to change things then? As long as they don't ruin the whole FF VII feeling and the story... well... fingers crossed >_<

At least it's not FFVII Reboot, that would make me worry a lot more.

I really hope to see something more and soon, i'll be happy even with just a screeshot of a fight or something =D But then i'll want more, and more and... i want it NOW!! O_o

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Edi0071243d ago

I hope for ff 15 combat and engine

NoctisPendragon1243d ago

I really want the engine , even more since the FF VII AC team made it (partially) .

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