Red Dead Redemption Leads Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Voting

In what should be no surprise whatsoever, a last-generation favorite, Rockstar’s old western tale about outlaw John Marston, Red Dead Redemption leads all vote-getters currently in the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Voting.

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Max-Zorin1244d ago

Cool. Red Dead Redemption is awesome.

ATi_Elite1244d ago

Good very good!

Now a Pc version won't be far behind along with some glorious mods.

The circle is almost complete.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1244d ago

Thats the first 360 game i wanna play on my x1 as i never completed it.

Farmassy1244d ago

Everyone vote for shadowrun! It would be great to play again and they might make a sequel if there is enough interest. Best fps ever

Ken851244d ago

I hope you're watching Rockstar...

raWfodog1244d ago

They got no time to watch. They should be in a dark, isolated room, chained to their workstations, busily working on the next installment to Red Dead. Back to work!!

Skate-AK1244d ago

Great game. I wonder if the GOTY edition would still work.

Shazz1244d ago

cant wait for next batch to become available in the preview

PlayableGamez1244d ago

As soon as I saw the BC announcement the two games that came to my mind was Red Dead and the Mass Effect trilogy and that is pretty much all I care about as for BC.

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The story is too old to be commented.