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Words by Mat @ AYMG: "Horizon Zero Dawn is an open world action RPG that’s being developed by Guerrilla Games, who are known for the Killzone franchise. You play as Aloy (we assume it’s produced Alloy, and it’s a reference to the multi-metal material) who’s a skilled hunter in a post-post apocalyptic world, where humans have been mostly wiped out and those that survived created tribes that use only traditional weaponry, like a bow and arrow. What makes Horizon interesting is the world is inhabited by mysterious mechanised creatures, that look like dinosaurs."

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Majin-vegeta1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Were the public able to go hands on with Horizon??

Also regarding the slo mo arrow area.Its been confirmed by GG its an ability.

Heres the articl:

* As the Thunderjaw walks back round, we notice that it pops a glance down at it’s now removed disc launcher, as if the AI in the game can recognise when it’s lost parts. This is a really nice touch and adds a sense of realism and emotion, in an otherwise surreal world.

This is something that GG has always gotten right when it came to the KZ games.The Helghast AI will give you a run for your life.

AskYourMumGaming1220d ago

Not hands on, but there were "behind closed doors" demos where GG demoed the title to the press.

Cheers for the hint about the slow-mo, hadn't seen that!

thisismytag1220d ago

This was my Sony Game of the Show for sure. What a wonderful looking title. :)

Repjaws1219d ago

If I can ride one of those things than this is my GOTY

medman1219d ago

What if they ride you? MInd BLoWN....