The Nintendo Confrence, was it a dud?

Dan, Joe and their special guest Micky, talk about Nintendo's Confrence. Was it really as bad as what people are making it seem? Is StarFox doomed?

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wonderfulmonkeyman1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

It was definitely NOT one of their best performances.
Federation Force left a very bad taste in the mouths of many fans that have been CRAVING a new Metroid game to follow up on Prime 4, and their lack of focus on games like Fatal Frame and Devil's Third was another blow to the overall mood of the conference.

Had they not introduced Federation Force as an entry in the Prime universe, the backlash wouldn't have been nearly as bad as it was.
They really underestimated how much fans want Prime 4.XD

Now that the shock has worn off and the trolls have had their chance to romp in the rain for a couple of days, while spreading doom&gloom articles, tempers and more even-keeled articles, which give fair credit to games like Star Fox Zero and M&L Paper Jam, have started to appear.

It doesn't erase the failures, but it's slowly dawning on people that there were still a few great titles, both known and new, worth paying attention to in that Direct.
After the rain comes the sunshine, as they say.