Something Nintendo Should Have Shown At E3: Fast Racing Neo

12 Minutes of Fast Racing Neo Gameplay

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Maybay1220d ago

Way better video clarity than the one I posted (awesome music too).

Day 1 support from myself.

Mega_Volnutt1220d ago

Way more fun than Project Cars...

Moonman1220d ago

On Treehouse the developer said they have worked with Nintendo for over 20 years. It has online and local 4 player split screen's 60fps. Nintendo....why didn't you show off this on your direct??????

MasterCornholio1219d ago

Because Reggies puppet body wasn't ready for that.

PygmelionHunter1220d ago

They probably didn't show it because it would've overshadowed Star Fox, which pales in comparison to this indie-made game... Truly, they'll need to either put a whole lot of work in the remaining months, or they'll need to delay the game. Because that trailer looked like pre-alpha footage. It was embarrassing.

FAST Racing Neo seems like the F-Zero I've been waiting for ages. Will most likely buy it! But I'm still skeptical about the amount of content... If it turns out to be rich in replay value, I won't hesitate in getting it, first chance.

RSKnight1219d ago

I was going to say the same thing, Nintendo didn't want to show this game because it makes Starfox look like a Gamecube game.

aerisbueller1220d ago

This reminds me of the first two Wipeout games on PSX, more so than the other sequels. They are truly lame for not showing this off

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