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PSGamer: While Elder Scrolls Online fails to meet the high standards set by Skyrim in terms of immersion and stat driven progression, it proves to be an interesting and lengthy MMO that is a lot of fun to play. Accessible, expansive and memorable, Elder Scrolls Online makes up for its compromises with its exception array of quests and well implemented social and PvP mode that is only hampered by some rare but incredibly long load times and spotty visuals.

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MysticStrummer1243d ago

Agree, though my score would be a tad bit higher I think. 8.5 or so. In some ways I actually like ESO better than Oblivion and Skyrim, but I've always felt that co-op was a glaring omission from the ES games so that's probably why. As an old school Dungeons and Dragons guy I've always wanted to explore Tamriel with a friend or two. The story and it's presentation are on par with the older games, though I agree it's strange to make the player the "chosen one" again when there are clearly lots of "chosen ones" running around. Combat is also as good if not a little better. Considering the size of the world and how many players are in it, the visuals are mostly very nice. Immersion does suffer at times, but I also like seeing other players do their thing as I travel through the world. Still haven't played any PvP but it looks like fun. My main problem with the game so far is that it's often too easy, with some spikes in difficulty here and there.