Top 5 Console MMORPG's You Should Be Playing

GCP says "Consoles are hit and miss for MMORPG’s some find a home and other dissipate into the ether of memory. So what are the ones that are constantly being upgraded, and will continue to keep you occupied. GCP sat down and asked themselves this question and came up with what they think is a definitive list of five console MMORPG’s that you should be dedicating your time to."

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Aceman1893d ago

Never playing MMOs ever again they are the devil lol.

Nesflix93d ago

I would PROBABLY switch 1 & 2 ... probably.

Shiken93d ago

It is up in the air. Final Fantasy XIV is fantastic, and my number one choice. ESO plays a bit different though, so opinion and preference is a factor. They are hands down the best two though, for sure.