New Hitman Will Be Digital Only at Launch

The latest chapter in the Hitman franchise, which will simply be called Hitman, was revealed earlier this week during E3 2015 and came paired with some interesting information. Square Enix announced that the game will be “leading with a digital release,” available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with the latter platform arriving with exclusive content.

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DarkOcelet1221d ago

"Once all of the content has been released, Hitman will relaunch on disc in its complete form."

I really hope the 48 hour time contract will be in the disc. But i love how there will be no paid dlc or microtransactions. Thats pretty awesome.

"The studio also promised that there will be no DLC or microtransactions."

Thats how games should be.

Valenka1216d ago

Unfortunately not. If there are any limited-time contracts that are released while Hitman is still only available digitally, once the time is up, that's it. Basically, unless you purchase the digital copy and are able to play while the limited-time contracts come up, you'll miss out and they do not come back around again. I'm sure they'll do numerous limited time contracts, but you will not get a second chance to do any contracts you've already missed.

-Foxtrot1221d ago

Digital only....ignore ¬¬

"The studio also promised that there will be no DLC or microtransactions."

Yeah we'll see

DarkOcelet1221d ago

"Once all of the content has been released, Hitman will relaunch on disc in its complete form."

I think you might have missed that part. You can simply wait and buy the physical copy.

-Foxtrot1221d ago

It's like Resident Evil Revelations 2.

Why chop the game up. They already do mobile Hitman games as their little side project why not just give us a full on AAA release like normal. Feels like they are experimenting with new ways to develop games and using Hitman like a guinea pig

morganfell1220d ago

One reason to "chop the game up" as you say, is that they will be working on the title and will release it as maps/assets are completed. This may sound bad but it allows the team and publisher to start seeing a return on their work prior to game completion without using traditional early access methods. Technically instead of a beta you are getting a finished game in sections. I say technically because almost no titles are really finished these days and almost always seem like betas.

However, skepticism aside, releasing these episodically would also allow an attentive team to pivot quickly and make adjustments on material based on early fan response to initially produced items, missions, etc.

freshslicepizza1220d ago

kind of sounds like what nintendo is doing with splatoon as far as adding new content. i think it's a great way to keep gamers involved who are known to beat games and never play them again then trade them in.

we also know digital is becoming more and more popular and lots of people are reluctant to go this route. so they keep saying in forums how not everyone has access but hardly ever talk about their own situation.

it's obvious going digital is the best case scenario for publishers as it gives them way more control. hardware makers are reluctant to go this route because they still rely on retail to sell their hardware so they want to keep this partnership going. trouble is game prices are often held hostage on the digital stores because they don't want to undercut the retailers.

i prefer physical copies myself but know very well digital will one day take over.

4Sh0w1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Well its been digital only for me since then gen started, very convenient....I dont even know what a Gamestop is anymore, life is good I ain't going back to those round things, forgot what their called.

deadpoolio3161220d ago

I know I've loved digital so far...I only buy games I know I want, and with pre-loading I don't have to go stand around outside a store with a bunch of annoying people...And I dont have to worry about space cause I dont feel the need to horde all my games onto one HDD so I can actually delete things Im not currently playing and re-download it later if the mood strikes me

paul-p19881220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Same here, the convenience was my main reason in doing it this gen (last gen I was about 80% physical, 20% digital but generally little PSN games). I use remote play quite a lot so it's just impractical to have only physical games when I am trying to play my PS4 from my Vita at work and wanna play different games all the time lol

EDIT: Also, I just wait for the sales on digital games and I very rarely pay more for a digital game than physical, beating that other myth too :)

MasterD9191221d ago

Sounds like they're trying to do something different that may backfire.

WizzroSupreme1221d ago

As long as it doesn't take up more memory, I'm down with that.

AgentSmithPS41221d ago

I hate digital only but if it's a great game I'll get it eventually.

I wonder what percent of their profits most games lose to used game sales? I'm not trying to start drama I just wonder what way would be most beneficial to gamers and devs.

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