My Top Ten E3 2015 Reveals [by CDM’s Patrick T]

From the crazy battles of For Honor, to the impressive presentation of Horizon: Zero Dawn, a CDM writer lists his top 10 E3 2015 reveals.

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medman1218d ago

My top reveals definitely start with Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian, Shenmue, and FFVII. Those were all fantastic and real surprises. After that, it would probably be Unravel, Recore, and some smaller titles. Backwards compatibility for xbone is big, but not for me personally as I still own a 360 and ps3, but rarely go back and play my old gaming library anyway. What I've listed relates to what were surprises for me, so doesn't include titles like Fallout, Battlefront, Tomb Raider, or Uncharted, as those were more known quantities to me.