Taken King slaps die-hard Destiny fans in the face with exclusive CE content

GGG argues as to why The Taken King's CE forcing fans to rebuy what they already own to get some exclusive in-game content is a bad move by Activision.

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Neonridr1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

yeah, buying the collector's edition you get Expansions 1 and 2 and the base game all over again.. hooray for double dipping!

I couldn't believe it. At least you get some ok physical rewards with it, but this is ridiculous.

Even if you opt for the regular edition you have to pay full price because they are giving you the base game plus both previous expansions too (physical copy - digital runs $40)

What the hell is wrong with these people?

pedrof931218d ago

I would love to have a theater mode in the game, to replay my Crucible matches. Why not have a forge mode aswell ?

mrbojingles1218d ago

We also need more Halo like modes. I'm not saying turn Destiny into Halo but some wacky modes like Grifball or something would be great. Imagine Metroid Blast Ball in Destiny? Or a map maker? It would be great. Oh well, maybe Destiny 2!

thorstein1218d ago

I am a die hard Destiny fan and I prebought the game and the expansions and have sunk hundreds of hours into this game.

That said, I don't quite understand exactly what I am getting here. It doesn't sound like it is anything more than the Crota expansion, which at least had a raid.

There doesn't seem to be much in the way of content to justify a $40 pricetag. And since I already have the game, shouldn't this be $19.99 plus whatever season 2 expansions go with it?

I am not going to buy this and then have to turn around and buy more "expansions" when there isn't really enough content to cover it.

New weapons and a new strike?

To compete with Fallout 4, No Man's Sky, and other amazing games coming out?

xHeavYx1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Three shaders, three exotic class items and three emotes? OHH EMM GEEEE!
Give me a freaking break, those items do nothing for the game, other than give people a reason to talk more crap about Destiny.
If you want to complaint about something, complaint about having to pay $40 freaking dollars for an expansion.

cell9891218d ago

I could have sworn that on the interview with one of the deck he mentioned "tons of new strikes" so I don't think it's just one new strike. Yeah one is exclusively to ps4. There's also a new raid, new classes and supers, new pvp game modes, new gear and weapons of course. New pvp maps, and I'm almost positive the story missions will be longer than how or dark below. I still think the content is worth the $40

juggulator1217d ago

Us legendary guardians don't care about that useless gear and xp bonus is for new players. This expansion better be a game changer or destiny is headed for a heartache.

BeefCurtains1217d ago

Money Grab!!! Oh wait, ACTIVISION....
Not surprised anymore.

JWiLL5521217d ago

Theatre mode? Are you on ps4? After great matches I just click the share button and it saves the last 15 minutes.


This expansion is bigger than TDB and HoW combined. Has its own story campaign in addition to new PVP maps and modes, multiple strikes and a 6 man raid. They also confirmed each new subclass is discovered through a different quest line. They don't just unlock right away.

I feel like they need a 60 dollar physical edition with just the taken king and the coin + book. That would solve the issues.

The other stuff is just pointless in game cosmetic things like shaders.

Day 1 Guardians are also receiving founders shaders and emblems.

Halo2ODST21217d ago

Custom games is a standard these days, yet Destiny still doesnt have yet, argg, but still the addiction continues, forge, threather & space combat would be awesome!

pedrof931217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )


Do you even know how theater mode works ?

Hereiamhereibe21214d ago

I am a die hard destiny fan, or at least i was. Bungie and Activision have lost me however. Unless there are at least 2 raids, a new arena, tens of multiplayer maps, and a new planet to patrol, new weapon types, new enemies, and way better story (which i saw absolutely none of) I cannot justify buying this DLC. I will not buy this DLC, I will not support this kind of behavior from gaming industries. Its sad really, ESO has once again reminded me of just how much content a game like this should have. So i (someone with over 1000 hours game time) have decided to completely abandon this franchise, at this point I doubt Destiny 2 will ever be able to live up to expectations. So goodbye guardians my gjallerhorn has already started collecting dust and destiny probably wont be on my shelf for much longer...

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rebeljoe141218d ago


darkmonkey13x1218d ago

Blame Bungie for making deals with the devil

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pompombrum1217d ago

Blame both of them. The overwhelming majority of people interested in the collectors edition of Taken King are going to be people who already own Destiny and the expansions, this is the one of the most blatant examples of fan exploitation I've ever seen.

showtimefolks1217d ago

Destiny is a 10 year plan so you didn't expect them to give you every expanion in that $40 price did you? Fall q2 2016 destiny game of the year with 4 expanion packs. Fall 2016 destiny 2

Also the slap on the fact was how Bare bone the story was yet millions of you play it daily, so when a developer knows they can get away with giving you absolutely no story, than they know they can get away with even more

Promised of a great game with huge budget ended up being just a shooter with amazing tight game play but nothing else. Than you have Witcher 3 who h costed 32 million compare to 500 million for destiny

Destiny players have been slapped senseless so now just don't complain.

KumquatGOATBEEF1217d ago

That's the thing that pisses me off. Each expansion tries to expand on the "story" but everyone just rushes through them as quickly as possible so they can get to the content that matters.

A lot of us were expecting a raid in HoW, but instead we get two three-person fire team activities. One of those activities, PoE, is more of the same enemies thrown at you in a survival mode that gets repetitive. The other is a reskinned Skirmish mode that we already had in the base game. Plus new armor and weapons. For a game that is heavy on multiplayer co-op we got screwed not having another 6-person fireteam activity.

So now we have to buy the Taken King for a new raid and alright, fair enough, what's another $20? Wait... you say it's $40??! 40 freakin' dollars... Sure they might add missions like the other expansions but no one gives a crap about missions, so we get the new raid, new subclasses, and new weapons/armor. If you're excited about that, so be it, but personally that is the biggest rip-off I've ever seen, especially when there are a ton of other options coming out this fall. After 600 hours this is probably where I call it quits.

showtimefolks1217d ago

I Agee with everything you said. Bungie has acted very greedy,selfish and self centered. Sadly people like you and me don't matter because there are millions of people who play destiny daily

They say if you want change speak with your wallet, but these same millions will buy anything destiny related.

$40 I mean that's almost as much as a new game. And the game launched with barely any sense able story and all these expanions really haven't improved on that

The first time I read about destiny it was like this. Mixture of halo,borderlands and mass effect

But instead we got a vry repetitive halo where the gun play is amazing buy everything else is below average

There is no loot like borderlands
there is no story and missions like mass effect

I thought destiny was promising so much and I was right. Bought destiny used from gamestop, played few hours and kept doing the same kind of missions again and again

So returned it and got my money back

Someone once said to me that you don't get destiny it's about the grind, and I was like rOK I get that but the grind becomes more fun if thee is better loot, a proper story, missions which are not all the same and a open world where we can explore without having to go back to home base after every mission

Bungie have been dropped from toe tier developers in my book

rocksteady(even tough they should have handled the whole season pass stuff better)
and Cd project red

Sevir1217d ago

The story mission, takes places on Phobos, Saturn, and the Dreaduat of Oryx. all three of these areas are large places to explore akin to Earth or the noon.

there is 2 new multiplayer modes. individual stories for each class to acquire the new subclasses. new enemies and variations

a pleathora of Strikes. Word is its equal to the ammount we got with the full game plus TDB and HoW and then ofcourse there's 1 or two exclusive strikes for PS users.

New weapons and upgrading system, tweaks, new Explore missions and public events, new Loot, new multiplayer maps. and new expansion to the new game types we got in HoW

New Raid.

There is a Vidoc that gives a short preview about all the new content and what to expect in the Taken King....

People simply love to bash Destiny, but with 20 million strong everyone who's in it enjoys it and those that dont well they move on.

JWiLL5521217d ago

Oh for f**ks sake, DESTINY DID NOT COST 500 MILLION. That was the projected budget for their 10 year plan including marketing.

People really need to stop saying that.

dahahni1216d ago

Miss information kills me, destiny didn't cost 500 million. That's the projected budget for 10 years. Oh Witcher 3 is a huge disappointment, just saying. Everyone hates on Destiny yet almost everyone posting probably still plays it. You act like video game publishers and developers are supposed to not have the same businesses models as every other successful business in the world. They are here to make money. If they make a decent product then that's just a bonus. If you really don't like it don't buy it.

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JeffGUNZ1217d ago

To be fair, on Bungies site it states that those who buy the standalone DLC, the loyal fanbase they call it, will be rewarded with an exclusive emblem, sparrow, and shadder. That's pretty cool.

GameSpawn1217d ago

If you click on the "Learn more about VIP Rewards" it also says:
"As a thank you to our most loyal fans who have reached Light Level 30 or who previously purchased Expansion I and Expansion II by August 31, 2015, you will receive an exclusive commemorative Founder’s Fortune Year 1 Emblem, Sparrow, Armor Shader and more at launch with your purchase of The Taken King."


The problem is Bungie has not come out to clarify the "and more.." part. It could be very likely that the "and more..." includes all the bonus items in the Collectors editions.

Conzul1217d ago

Also in the details, Bungie considers someone who has a lvl 30 by AUGUST to be at the same veterancy level as someone who was DAY FRIGGIN ONE!

Nineball21121217d ago

I've really liked Destiny but at this point, I'm growing a bit tired of it. I still pop in to play from time to time, but it's becoming the game to play when I'm not playing something else.

I've certainly got my money's worth out of it though.

GameSpawn1217d ago

You have to admit that the shooting mechanics have been nailed down. I haven't played a single shooter (Halo games included) that is as "smooth" as Destiny. The game works really really well.

The only problem Destiny has is with walling of endgame content (read: ALL elemental primary weapons) to people who can easily fill up a 3-6 man fireteam. There is no reason to force people to use third party sources like LFGs and Reddit for content that is below or matches your level. It makes it time consuming for people without friends who play regularly to get into this content.

Don't get me wrong - I've used the LFG (.net) for every Nightfall I've played (and a few VoG raids) and have had great experiences with really friendly people (again ".net"). Through the other LFG the people I've played with have been pretty obnoxious and don't care to be very helpful.

Nineball21121217d ago


I agree with everything you wrote. Great points.

And yes, the shooting mechanics are what keeps me coming back. At it's core, Destiny is a FUN game.

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Viperoholic1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Im done with Destiny. Slap in the face it was!

Palitera1218d ago

I played it daily. More than 300 hours in it.

The day they released the first DLC and locked previously available content for non-buyers (good luck on the nightfall/heroic rotation if you don't buy DLC), I deleted the game. Literally. Never played it again and won't give them more money.

Excellent shooting mechanics, really top notch.
Awful disrespect towards gamers in a game heavily designed around DLC, instead of the opposite way.

donthate1218d ago

The day I booted up Destiny was the day I was slapped in the face by Bungie. I pre-ordered the digital fancy smancy $90 edition of Destiny on Xbox One, only to be greeted with being kicked out of games within minutes of playing or attempting to matchmake.

Tried for months and repeatedly got different animal erros as Bungie claimed they were looking into it.

I gave up on the game, and should have asked for my $90 back. Never again Bungie, never again! Fin theives!

JeffGUNZ1217d ago

just an fyi, did you know if you buy the DLC on its own you get an exclusive shadder, emblem, and sparrow? It is on Bungies site but they really didn't stress that during their conference.

SmokingMonkey1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

The need to make a legacy collection for us that already bought that stuff, but want the Taken King and goodies.

Without the double dip.

Legacy Collection?

Retro Collectors?

Returning Guardian Collection?

Sevir1217d ago

They do. its the standard edition and its only 40 dollars...

GearSkiN1218d ago

Game is not even that good it got stupid too!

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