Does The Final Fantasy VII Remake Need A New Battle System?

Or should Square Enix play it safe and stick with turn-based combat? Oh, and there was another Final Fantasy title announced today...

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DarkOcelet1272d ago

I am gonna be honest with you Foxtrot, i think FFVII should have new battle system. Turn based is awesome yes, but i want FFVII to have more movement/freedom.

-Foxtrot1272d ago

Turn Based can still work today. It's just up to them to make it a little more interesting. Speed it up a bit, don't bother showing us the location when going into battle....just quickly fade to black and put us in there.

Lost Odyssey did it perfectly and added the ring system to keep us engaged.

I wouldn't want something like Final Fantasy 15 where the only person I can control is the main guy, this game being cloud.

Jedislayer1272d ago

old final fantasy vii ISN'T even turn based. it was ATB. Active Time battle. Why does everyone think it was turn based.

mikeslemonade1272d ago

If it's not turn base then there should be a riot. That would piss off the fans that you are trying to cater too.

Come on.. if they listen to fans and make a FF7 then atleast listen more and make it turn based.

Nitrowolf21272d ago

I wonder if people really wanted this game remade or if they just wanted more cloud and FF 7 theme. I mean I'm not asking for an on the point remake. I'd love to see some tweaks to the gameplay, but nothing hugely drastic.

Name Last Name1272d ago

I think FFX's turn based style can work.

-Foxtrot1272d ago

The thing is it seems they want to change so much to bring in new fans....instead of making this for old school fans who love FF7 for what it is.

Them going after new fans is a horrible thing because it means it's going to loose it's Final Fantasy charm.

Roccetarius1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Lost Odyssey could've taken it a step further than the ring system as well, such as maybe allowing you to chain abilities in a way but at additional cost.

Debaitable1272d ago

I'd nominate FFX-2 active time battle.

DevilOgreFish1272d ago

Hate to put it up in the sentence, but what about FFXIII's? It was ATB turn base with chaining attacks, characters were also able to move around in the battle square. just remove the auto battle mode and i'd be fine with that. It's either that, something better or just keep it traditional.

Pennywise1381272d ago

I agree foxtrot.
Final fantasy hasn't been turned based or active time battle for a long time so what better time to revisit that style of gameplay than with a remake of a game that nailed it in the first place. I love turn based/active time battle and how you have to strategize when to heal and when to attack and when to pull out the big summon spells. What's the point of doing a remake of a game that people love and was almost perfect to begin with if your going to just go and change everything. Graphics are really the only thing that needs to be updated. Everything else needs nothing more than minor tweaking. I'll be really mad if they take out being able to control the airships. There's plenty of opportunities to change whatever they want in future final fantasy games. Don't spit in the face of all the people who grew up loving this game and have been asking for this remake by changing everything except the character names and likeness.

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ShugaCane1272d ago

I don't want the game to be full Action/RPG, though. If they could do a mix of old school turn based with FF XII battle system (yes, I loved that battle system), that would be super cool.

FF VII combats were really tactical. I know that turn based system doesn't work as well today as it did back then, but I wish they could find a compromise.

FF X and X-2 battle system was fantastic. A bit more freedom of movement added, then you'd have something incredible, imo.

DarkOcelet1272d ago

FFXII was my personal favorite FF game and the battle system was sick!

If they did the Remake similar in terms of gameplay then it will be awesome.

Fishermenofwar1272d ago

Maybe Like Chronotrigger?? but obvious graphic leap..

raWfodog1272d ago

Even though I absolutely loved FFVII and I consider it my favorite FF, I have enjoyed all the FFs that I played and even their respective battle systems. I took all of the games on their own merit instead of wishing they were all a copy of FFVII.

That being said, I know a lot of people are saying that since its a remake of FFVII it should have the exact same battle system that FFVII had back then. But I honestly think that would not fit with the new look and feel of the game.

IMO, the reveal trailer showcased so much life and emotion in Midgar that I think it would look out of place to have enemies standing in a straight line across from your party and everyone taking turns attacking each other.

ShugaCane1272d ago


You are describing a very oldschool kind of turn based system. You can have turn based system with enemies moving and running.

raWfodog1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

@ Shugacane

Thats exactly what im talking about. I'm sure the developers are more than capable of giving us a revamped battle system thats not a complete departure from the original while still maintaining the essence and charm of the classic game. But some are saying it should stay the exact same but just have updated graphics.

Edit: just for clarification, i was agreeing with your original comment.

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Death1272d ago

If FFVII is changed, it's not FFVII. Why do people want a remake if what they are asking for is a completely different game? We already had that, it was called FFVIII.

Flewid6381272d ago

Yes.... correct. It won't be FFVII. It will be a remake. That word you see in there? That word "remake"? That's the thing that lets us know it isnt exactly the original. It's know...remake.


raWfodog1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

@ CD

There it is. I was looking for a way to diplomatically say it without people jumping on it as me being a smart-ass. There is a difference between a remake and a remaster even though some will probably just call it semantics.

In general, a remake is "typically an overhauled improvement of an original game that was released several years ago, while a remastered game is just a visually enhanced version of an original game that was recently released, specifically catered towards the current-gen consoles."

If people are wanting to play the 'exact' same game but just with 'enhanced' graphics then you will have the PS4 port of the PC version soon. They are already telling us that the 'remake' will be different from the original but the same basic story will be there.

It's obviously not what a lot of people want to hear though but before Tuesday we didn't even have that...

Death1272d ago

Usually when you remake something you base it off the original. I get that people want updated graphics. I get that people may want updates sounds. If you deviate from the core game also, it is no longer a remake. I'm pretty sure the fancy word for that is called "new game". From what you and many others are saying is you don't want the game updated or "remade", you actually want a sequel since the only thing you want to keep is the same characters.

raWfodog1272d ago

@ Death

So you honestly don't think that they can tell the same story without changing some gameplay aspects? That if they change many aspects of the game, it won't be the same story but rather a sequel? Then I'm sorry that it's not going to be the game that you and many others were waiting for. It seems that Nomura and the others already have plans that differ from what many of you want.

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gangsta_red1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I'm with DarkOcelet on this one. FF7 had a great fighting system at that time but I think it would feel dated if implemented today.

More than likely Square will re-vamp the fighting system more along the lines of Vs. and KH III. Maybe something even more drastic. But I seriously doubt we will see turned based action ever again in any FF game.

As long as they have materia slots and combinations I'm okay with it.

raWfodog1272d ago

I absolutely agree with that DO. It should have a new battle system. It was great when it was released back then and the upcoming PS4 port will still have that I assume, but the new remake should have a battle system that fits better with the remake vision. Of course let us still control all of our characters but I'm sure they can design a fluid ATB system that adds more action to the combat.

Hoffmann1272d ago

8 agrees and 8 disagrees. I guess this kinda displays the feelings of many of us. A new fighting system or a partially different one would be liked by many of us but a back to the roots in the remake with the old traditional turn based system many of us loved in FFVII would be liked as much.

Makes me wish the developers would react to these early emotions you can see in many FFVII remake articlers and comment sections leave the players the option between Action and Turn Based Battles.

Ashmedae1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I have an idea for the combat system. Make it an action/turn based system.

The default combat would be action based where the characters can act on their own and whatever else is typical with ARPGs.

But, with the toggle of switch, give us the option/ability to turn it into more of a turn base system where the action is still real time, but paused (like with the ATB Wait) when our characters have a chance to do something. While some or all of the characters are waiting to have their turn, real time combat ensues and the mobs/enemies do their thing. Then finally when one of our characters is able to do something and issue whatever attack/magic/summon/command ability, the combat is automatically paused, we can then switch to said character(s) and we then choose whatever ability we want the character to use.

This way we get the best of both worlds. Those who want an ARPG will have their ARPG, and those that want turn based will have that option to control their characters on a turn by turn basis.

As long as I have some sense of turn based control with the characters during combat I'll be extremely happy.

1272d ago
Ashmedae1272d ago


Yes, but I'm trying to be realistic here. I do not like ARPGs in the least; I prefer the old school turn-based approach. As much as I would want it to be turn based, I can't imagine that it'll turn out that way. So what better way to compromise than to give the player the opportunity to pause the combat, and have the player select what happens next, rather than have the AI do it all for you. I would rather have and feel some sense of control over every single action my characters are making than just watch the AI do everything for me on the other characters I'm not controlling. Hence why I mentioned including some form of 'ATB Wait'

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MegaRay1272d ago

It should have Persona 4 battle system, Or Ni No Kuni's, best RPG systems IMO.

Then again, im okay with Action-RPG but im sure old fans wont.

CaspuR1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

personas battle system is nothing amazing, the orginal ff7 battle system is probably better than persona 4s, Persona games are just so good that u couldnt care less what u where fighting just along as u can get to a next dialogue point in the story. With that said i enjoyed persona 3 battle system better, as much as I appreciated being able to use all my party members in persona 4 persona 3 battles where faster and alot more fun seeing as shadows didnt reflect or null every attack except there weakness.

goldwyncq1272d ago

No way. Ni No Kuni's AI is atrocious.

ninsigma1272d ago

I'd like it to stay the same. Especially the materia system.

CaspuR1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Id rather the change to action, I think action fits Final fantasy 7 style better IMO, leave turn base to persona and other games, sorry to say turn base combat has no place in a triple A title anymore. Its just the truth, there will never be another turn base game that sells over 10 million copies ever I can promise you that, And thats the bare minimum square expects to sell.

P.S what do you guys expect, the chibi characters on the world map? random battles? that era is done. This is coming from a guy thats top 3 favorite games of all time are turn based and 2 of those are final fantasy games (7 and 9).

Kurisu1272d ago

VII and IX are my two favourites.

Let's be friends! xD

To be honest I'm expecting this remake to be action orientated. If they could somehow make it like Crisis Core but let us switch between characters like Type-0 then it has the potential to be great!

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DiscoKid1272d ago

Keep it turn-based. This remake is mostly fan-service. It'll attract new-gen players just by looking awesome. Lol

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