The Shenmue 3 Kickstarter: megaton, manipulation or masterstroke?

Dealspwn: "Sony announced a Kickstarter in the middle of their E3 2015 press conference. We're still not entirely sure if that was a cool thing to do.

At the time we were thrilled. We're talking about nothing less than Shenmue 3, after all. Just the name alone made for a megaton announcement, seeing as the series has a massive reputation, a cult following and unfinished business to take care of. As a Dreamcast owner I was swept up in the whole thing for about as long as the press conference lasted.

But Sony didn't technically announce Shenmue 3. They announced that a Kickstarter was taking place and that fans would have to literally pay, right and then and there, to make it happen. This is where things get interesting."

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bggriffiths1219d ago

Good points about noisy fans being the main buyers and it being difficult to gauge how big the audience for this would be.

If the series was a huge as hardcore fans would have you believe, the Dreamcast would never have failed.

They really need to re-release the originals on PS and XO, as only the same relatively small number of fans are going to bother with this.

johndoe112111219d ago

"If the series was a huge as hardcore fans would have you believe, the Dreamcast would never have failed."

Are you serious about this statement? One good franchise can't save an entire system. If that was the case nintendo wouldn't be in the crap storm they are in now with the wiiu.

bggriffiths1219d ago

I'll admit to hyperbole there, for sure. Just saying that a vocal minority can often make it seem like there's more demand for something than there actually is. Call it Firefly syndrome if you will.

The Dreamcast had some great games, but sales weren't that strong for the games, or especially the console. Naturally, you need strong console sales for a game to do well too.

SaveFerris1219d ago

Does anyone know whether Shenmue was more successful in the East or West markets? I read a lot of comments in the kickstarter asking for Chinese subs.

Gunstar751219d ago

Shenmue was a game of its time. Ahead of its time in many respects, but hasn't stood the test of time. I'm selling 3 copies if anyone is interested... All mint condition. Japanese Shenmue 1 / uk Shenmue 1 & 2 (dreamcast)

Enjoy those QTE's :0)

yewles11219d ago

"So... why didn't Sony just cough up the full amount in the first place?"

Because they STILL haven't. Sony is only putting up a huge portion to what's going to be a muti-party involvement, including, KS backers and at least one other company that we know of...


Articuno761219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Nice find. TBH I'm not entirely sure what the company does but it looks like some kind of communications intermediary that helps pull together projects. Not entirely sure.

Edit: On second thought it looks like this is the actual development studio, and Ys Net are the ones the ones lending creative influence over the project. So this Shibuya Productions I assume is doing all the grunt work: programming, modelling, that kind of thing.

yewles11219d ago

Got it, they're earlier backers from 2 year prior and are working on the PC version.

Fan translation.