Electronic Theatre E3 2008 Preview: BUZZ! Master Quiz

When it comes to family based entertainment few games can rival the success of the BUZZ! quiz series on PlayStation2. With no less than seven previous releases under its belt, BUZZ! caters expertly for all ages; even the younger members of the family can get involved with the specially developed BUZZ! Junior range. So how will a game so revered for its ability to pull families together fare on PlayStation Portable. With its imminent release this Friday, July 25th, 2008, it remains to be seen whether the introduction of such a popular social game on said console will be to the detriment of its pulling power. Well, it seems that SONY and Relentless Software have considered this predicament and the result, though unlikely to rival the success of the original, deals with its pitfalls admirably. The social aspect of the game is not lost as it boasts both Single-Player and three Multi-Player Modes. Firstly, bringing a tactical edge to the game...

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