Forza Motorsport 6: Getting Dark and Wet in a World-First Hands-On

Microsoft made a big show of officially announcing Forza Motorsport 6 at its pre-E3 press conference this morning, but we here at Ars got our hands on the game days ago. Last week, Ars traveled to Redmond, Washington, to visit Creative Director Dan Greenawalt and his team at Turn 10 for an exclusive, world-first look under the hood of the latest iteration of this franchise.

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Kingdomcome2471220d ago

That's some pretty heady stuff. I'm amazed by the passion of some devs like Turn10, ND, etc...

1220d ago
SirJoJo1220d ago

These guy's are seriously talented

PersonMan1220d ago

Still doesn't look as good as Driveclub. However, it's not a bad looking game by any stretch. I think Driveclub just set the bar way too high and it's gonna be a while before people catch up to it.

timlot1220d ago

30fps vs 60fps, Real simulation vs simcade.

SirJoJo1220d ago

1080p 60fps, Not bad... the game looks phenomenal!

CernaML1220d ago

I got some hands on with it and was def impressed by the solid frame rate. However the sacrifices they made to achieve it were very apparent. For example, the rain particles on the windshield run at 30fps and can be a little distracting. Also the LOD on car models are seriously toned down even if theyre just a few feet away from you.
Maybe theyll work on that but 1080p60fps with all those features would be too ambitious.

LifeInNZ1220d ago

Driveclub visuals aside, do you really think the same level of research went in to building the physics and handling for Driveclub as is going in to Forza 6?

Its amazing how much goes in to building a game yet we just comment about the end result, the pixel count or lack of shadows. You know, all the embellishments that mean little from a simulation perspective.

Svinya1220d ago

Seeing as how Driveclub runs at half the fps and does only a fraction of physics calculations as Forza 6, it's quite obvious that the graphics will be better on it due to more resources..

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