Serving the core: Sony and PS4 kill it at E3 2015

Microsoft did its best, but Sony brought enough nukes to end any Cold War. It’s coming. It’s all coming.

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Cindy-rella2316d ago

I think sony had the best e3 press conference. Uncharted 4, and horizon looked amazing. The last guardian looks good and was a surprise to a lot.

NewMonday2316d ago

Sony didn't even have time to announce all the games in their conference, R&C shown before E3 and Heavy Rain+B2S announced after E3

and the Square Enix conference was mostly a Sony exclusive showcase

andydalum2316d ago

Microsoft was in the same boat:
Quantem Break
Phantom Dust

Saving some for gamerscom after all :D

Army_of_Darkness2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Once they announced FF7 remake. It was over.
Sony just killed it and Uncharted 4's game-play was awesome with its destructible environments and almost open world feel to it as well :-)

UKmilitia2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

i think the thing was Sony showed alot of actual gameplay.
MS showed a gears of war that hardly anyone could see it was so dark,a Tomb raider section that was terrible imo and nothing that really blew me away.
backwards compatability was HUGEthough imo.

on other hand Sony want me to pay £4.99(3 days)/£9.99 30 days) playing a game i already bought on ps3.
but when games like batman,horizon,black ops i like look of for once,ff7,UC4 etc i doubt i be wanting to play many old games anyway.

i did prefer ubi game reveals though,but we all know they aint gonna be like that on release lol,GHOST RECON!!!!!!!!! OMFG

RocketScienceLvlStuf2315d ago

In order to disagree with this article. I'm sure many where crying at Microsofts conference.

Hysteria942316d ago

Sony fan boys are in denial... Bethesda>Microsoft>EA> ;Ubisoft>Sqaure Enix>Nintendo>Sony

xKugo2316d ago

Sony fanboy's in denial? Pot meet kettle, please

Sevir2316d ago

Lmao! The media is totally singing a different tune!

stuna12316d ago

I thought I told you not to take more than 1 puff!

Elit3Nick2316d ago

As an Xbox gamer, how about you stop

Bathyj2316d ago

Dont worry, we know youre not all the same as this guy.

Hysteria942315d ago

everyone has an opinion. I just feel like Sonys presentation wasn't good enough.

Bathyj2316d ago

Someone just worked out what Ctrl+C Ctrl+V does.

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medman2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

LOL...what a fart eater this troll is!!! Here you go fart eater, from the article, which is pretty much the sentiment of every gaming site, and the vast majority of gamers, LOL

"Poor old Microsoft. After delivering an excellent, worthy press conference at E3 earlier on Monday, Sony dropped a barnstorming performance consisting of a barrage of hits so violent even the sternest of opponents would have dragged itself off to bed with a bloody nose.....When The Last Guardian came out as lead, replete with full gameplay and a 2016 release date, a man behind me shouted, “I’m gonna fucking cry.” No one was saying that in the Microsoft press event. What followed was an exercise in pure fan service. The crowd, at points, was on its feet." Nuff said.

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MCTJim2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

So when are you all going to be playing Final Fantasy? Horizon? The last Guardian? and I wont even go on about Shenmue...I psyched for it, but realistically it will be 2-3 years just for that one. Conference didnt give any love to Morpheus or the Vita and oh yeah..TV

Spotie2316d ago

When? Before you, that's for damn sure. When are you gonna be playing ANY exclusive this year?

MCTJim2316d ago

On both my consoles and my PC...only before me if you you load yours faster.

KakashiHotake2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

I thought Microsoft had a really good show. Halo 5, Tomb Raider and Gears 4 looked like a lot of fun and the Backwards compatibility announcement was great for former 360 owners. Honestly the way Xbox One is now is how they should have been at launch and they would be in much better shape. Phil Spencer has done an excellent job bringing credibility back after Don Mattrick nearly single handily destroyed it out the gate. Sony had the best conference of all to me though. Final fantasy 7, Shenmue 3, Uncharted 4, and Horizon were killers. And The last Guardian looks epic as well.

Sevir2316d ago

Agreed. I was very impressed with MS's show... But SONY... Just WOW

Tex1172316d ago

Yup, exactly this.

Microsoft did some great things this E3. It was as close to a Mia Culpa as one could expect. Backwards capadibility, Halo 5, Gears 4, Tomb Raider will make it a strong offering going into this holiday season. These announcments would usually "win" E3 and most people were really impressed after the conference.

Then came Sony. Holy Eff. Though they did leave a gap for this holiday season (and I do think Xbox gains some ground), Sony just decided to drink the koolaid out of the gamer punch bowl and give us what we wanted. By the end, I almost expected to see Half Life 3 to be announced just to round off the most "delivered" E3 conference ever.

Regardless, both companies did a great job with MS really turning their ship around and Sony really continuing their bet on the fact that if you make games and consoles for gamers, the sales will come.

Was a great e3.

LamerTamer2316d ago

Too bad the BC thing wasn't true BC. With real BC you can put in any disc and play, even if offline. This is actually MS recompiling select games then letting you download them from the internet if you have a disc to verify you own it. It isn't real emulation as the X1 CPU is X86 at 1.75 GHz compared to the 360 Power PC at 3.2 GHz. It is better than Sony's BC which is zero but still it is a bit of a hack.

Relientk772316d ago

Sony easily had the best conference

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