Rumor: GTA Wii coming fall 2009. Using San Andreas Engine

They report from french website inpactvirtuel:

After the announcement of GTA: Chinatown Wars on DS, speculation is rife. Rockstar typing in the platform's most popular portable ... and if they did the same thing on consoles room?

Several colleagues have asked Reginald Fils-Aime, Nintendo Mister USA, and, if made no reply, he makes no secret that relations between Take 2, Rockstar and Nintendo are now excellent.

He also admits he would love to see an ATM on the Wii.

What we necessarily titiller curiosity and launch some of our purposes is limiers above ...

After spending a few phone calls, sent a few heads and uttered standard kind of family threats, it would seem that yes, an episode of GTA on Wii is already on track.

The game could use the engine GTA San Andreas PS2, given the sauce Wii. Finally, even if at this level, it takes more than Ms. Irma that the true forecast, the game could be announced next spring for an exit at the end of 2009.

Of course, this is noise corridors. Mere noise corridors. A bit like a stapler that fell in a deserted office. Except that here it was hidden in the cupboard and we all heard ...

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Isn't the site NEWS 4 Gamers? not RUMORS R US!

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Leave then.


Posting Rumors
Like it or not, but rumors have always been a big part of the gaming press. So posting rumors is fine as long as you make it absolutely clear in your post that it is a rumor. The rumor should also come from a somewhat credible source. A lot of people make up rumors in internet forums so be careful to check the source before posting.

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