Gamecyte Review: Off Road

Gamecyte writes: "When it came time to play Off Road, a Ford & Land Rover-branded racing game from Empire Interactive, Xplosiv, and Razorworks, my biggest concern was the level of realism involved. When it comes to racing games, I distinctly prefer an arcade experience over a simulation. I'm not saying Gran Turismo or Forza are bad games by any stretch of the imagination, but I'll take a game like Burnout, Daytona, or even Mario Kart every time. So, I was worried when Off Road loaded up and started showing off its vehicle selection - all Ford and Land Rover vehicles, modelled after their real-life 2008 counterparts. I quickly discovered, however, that I had worried for nothing: Off Road may have a selection of real-life vehicles, but it is nowhere near a simulation game. Ultra-simple controls and forgiving physics give Off Road a definite arcade flavor… it's a shame, however, that that flavor is a little on the bland side."

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