Gaming Age review: Unreal Tournament III (XBOX360)

Jim Cordeira reports:

''With all the hoopla surrounding how long/short games are, how much depth and complexity they have, or what dozens of features they have or have omitted, it is nice to see a company stay to their tried and true formula that made them kings for so long. Of course I'm talking about Epic Games and their release of Unreal Tournament 3 on the PS3 and PC and now the Xbox 360. No gimmicks, no frills, just a flat out frag fest that will keep gaming triggers itchy and will reawaken sleepy reflexes. Sure, it's true that 360 fans had to wait a bit for this one, but there are enough extras that even vets on the PS3 or PC will appreciate the smooth transition.

For years there was a great argument on which of the twitch shooters would reign supreme between the Unreal and Quake series. Well for now it seems as if that answer comes in the form of Unreal Tournament III as the Quake series has gone off into a totally different direction. What fans of the series get is the same fast paced killing spree you love, with no real evolution in game design. Sure there is some expansion, like extra meat in the story modes, new features, new weapons and vehicles, but honestly the series remains stagnant in creativity and originality. Is this a good or bad thing? I guess that all depends on the side of the spectrum you prefer. I for one think this is a formula that is greatly missed and since the market isn't flooded with this style of shooter, it actually is a refreshing change of pace, even though the premise is so 8 years ago.''

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