Nintendo Has Now Become Part of the DLC Problem

VGChartz's Evan Norris: "During the course of the eighth generation, Nintendo has made several questionable DLC moves that have realigned the Japanese gaming giant with its competitors. Those who criticized Sony, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Warner Bros. and Activision for ugly DLC practices - myself included - can no longer defend Nintendo without being hypocritical. Right now, Nintendo is part of the problem."

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acekaze2157d ago

I love Super Smash, i did think the DLC was a little overpriced, then again, if we look at any other fighting game, any dlc character is pretty much around the same prices, and i have to say, between paying overpriced DLC for supersmash, or not having dlc for supersmash, i prefer the 1 one. The only thing i felt nintendo did wrong, was not promote the "package" of all the dlc content for cheaper than buying single dlc.

wonderfulmonkeyman2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Agreed: the sheer amount of content in the full bundle pack, which includes all content from this update for BOTH versions of the game, made the price it went for, precisely $29.16, well worth paying.
Buying everything separately would have cost astronomically more, and all of this content was made after the full game was released.

That's not something we can say about a lot of other DLC pieces.
Yeah, this set was still a bit pricey, but I'd say the amount in the bundle, across both games, was worth that entry price.

Also, I can't believe this guy had the gall to say that MK8 was incomplete because the DLC wasn't included from the start.
It's widely regarded as one of the best examples of DLC done right BECAUSE the DLC was made after the fact, rather than ready day 1 but held back in order to sell it.

acekaze2156d ago

I agree, Mario kart, had some of the best, cheapest DLC ever released, i mean, it was 50% of the whole game released in dlc. for 12 euros.

While super smash is pushing it a little bit, i am still okai with it, because i really love the game, and i am really happy that thanks to DLC they continue to work on the game and also balance it.

Also something people seem to have left on the side, is that, they actually offered some free content with the update ( Only musics) but still, free content! Plus no one is forced to buy it all, just buy what you like.

Hoffmann2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

Nintendo does the same crap as the others, they are just better at timing and marketing the milking contents and the release dates of the dlc.

jim_panse2157d ago

"It was seen widely as DLC done right - rich in content and low in cost. Still, the additional tracks, characters, and stages could have been included on disc, had Nintendo planned more judiciously, or at the very least provided free to consumers who paid $60 expecting a complete package."

Mario Kart 8 WAS a complete package. it surely did justify its 60$ price tag. the dlc packs were made AFTER the game was finished and released.

gameboy12156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Look Nintendo are doing dlc after being mocked for not doing it basically not keeping up with the times in the digital space now their a major player with eshop,dlc,streaming events ie Treehouse,Directs,ect,NNID,ami ibo,MiiVerse,ect are all very popular on WiiU and soon as Nintendo start charging for their dlc characters ect everyone starts crying look they are charging peanuts for them and at the same time giving you lots of worth while free dlc so i don't see Nintendo as the same as the rest.

PigPen2157d ago

If Nintendo didn't do DLC, that would be a headline of many articles. It would be the same as the Wii U's online (Why don't Nintendo have trophies, urg?). Nintendo is damn if they do, damn if they don't.

gamer78042156d ago

i'd love for the wiiu to have trophies or achievements of some sort. Its a great way to track progress or to share with friends. I love how the xbox one now you get to unlock collectible artwork when you unlock achievements. Great for wallpapers.

wonderfulmonkeyman2156d ago

Miiverse stamps.
That's really the only form that Nintendo's achievement system should take: any stamps you've earned in a game would be kept in an album that you can pull from on any Miiverse post, while others can view said album on your profile.

Trophies you can actually USE.

Philface2157d ago

The thing is that key story elements are not scrapped from the original games, which were released before the dlcs were announced. Moreover, the characters in smash and the maps in mario kart are well worth their money.

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