EA Teases Tomorrow’s Gameplay Trailer With A New Screenshot

EA writes on twitter:
"Just between us, here's a little something ahead of tomorrow's reveal."

RobinGaming3271d ago

Hard to judge by a wheel and a headlight to be honest :P

LilMassacre3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

its either a scion frs or toyota gt86.
Nevermind that looks like a subaru logo in the wheel cap, its a brz. lol

PrinceOfAnger3271d ago

RG what are you doing here xD?

R3ddSaiyan3271d ago

thats a Rocket Bunny V2 FRS. - i own one. well the FRS.

Dee_913271d ago

Rocket bunny body kit.. this game is shaping up to be pretty epic in the customization department, but since its EA, I keep my hopes low

4Sh0w3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I own the twin brother also, a Scion FRS. Love it.

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Fin_The_Human3271d ago

Man am I the only who feels like the is gen has had too many racing games?

Ricegum3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Still waiting on my first decent racing sim though. Gran Turismo needs to hurry up.

Fin_The_Human3271d ago

What was wrong with Forza5?

I found it supersede my expeditions... Sure it was light on content and felt a little rush but it was good.

Did u play it?

lemoncake3271d ago

@Fin he obviously doesn't own an Xbox.

zyon83271d ago

Don't worry about the Xbone trolls. Lol they still clinging on to their precious little Forza until the real sim comes and blows it's top off lol

TXIDarkAvenger3270d ago

Glad someone mentioned AC. Tired of people acting like GT is king of sims.

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Blurmobjet3271d ago

yeah, well I felt there were too many FPS last generation so I guess it is what it is.

davemyrose923271d ago

Yes this gen has deff had too many racers imo, with my favv being forza horizon 2, however I have no desire on picking up another racer with all these new games coming out this year

Elit3Nick3271d ago

Looks like there'll be something like forzavista, where you walk around your car and interact with specific things

dyl123579j3271d ago

Now this, this is real NFS!!

Blurmobjet3271d ago

Wow. I'm glad you could tell...

Retroman3271d ago

How can you tell without see it or playing it??

caught up in the ILLUSION of HYPE are ye??

BigBosss3271d ago

I'm all hyped for this game, but hearing about the DRM has got me worried. Let's hope they take that off sooner rather than later.

zyon83271d ago

True m8te. Every-time I get excited for the release, the DRM forms a mental roadblock in my head.