Armikrog Preview: Claymation Capers | WASDuk

WASDUK writes

"I’m probably in the minority here, but does anyone else remember the brilliant Neverhood and its funky platforming semi-sequel Skull Monkeys from waaay back in the mid-nineties? Well if you do, well done! You’ve got impeccable taste. For everyone else, listen up, because this is going to get weird. But in a good way.

Anyway, the guys that made the aforementioned beauties have managed to secure the rights to the series and are returning with a new Claymation point-and-click in the spirit of The Neverhood. This time, they’ve brought Earthworm Jim creator Doug Tenapel, as well as Mike Nelson (of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 fame) along for the ride, taking players to the perilous fortress of Armikrog!

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PigPen1305d ago

Just save it for the "NX" console. Don't bother if it don't come by next year.