Mass Effect 4: What we know

PS4Home: "We decided to sift through the rumors to decide what we can expect from Mass Effect 4."

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kraenk121223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

I'd say it's pretty much a given MS will show this at E3 at their conference.

Halo2ODST21223d ago

Why? Why do you think it will be a MS exclusive?

ScorpiusX1223d ago

Maybe it was a deal made between EA-MS.
ME having been an xbox game early on , could be getting some love from Phil in exchange for something or they were told that game is falling in to despair by Hudson (who works at Xbox now .) JMT

guyman1223d ago

Not a chance this will be exclusive, if you bothered to read the article, you would have realised that the senior developer already tweeted (long ago) that it is multiplat.

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Joel22111223d ago

If its not a prequel or a sequel and set during the events of the last Mass Effect, then hopefully they can at least give me a tiny peek as to what happened to my Shepard. I can only keep my fingers crossed. lol

etownone1223d ago

Mass Effect
and Uncharted.

Best new franchises of last gen.

showtimefolks1223d ago

All I know so far is a new mass effect is in development, and it will be bigger and better. Nothing else is known

Also to comments above,I seriously doubt that EA under Andrew Wilson will make this a exclusive to any platform even for a limited time. I think EA learned their lesson from Titanfall.

It's common sense like why would you want to limit yourself to one console when you can release it on the other console plus pc. I wish fanboys would stop about calling every big 3rd party game a exclusive

Why do fanboys always claim this or that game will exclusive to their console? Do your guys get some extra pleasure playing a game knowing that others can't play it?

Seriously man this is a business, publishes and developers want money, they rather not cut into their fanbase

Ps4 by years end will be around 30 million

OK so let's say mass effect 4 releases in October 2016, OK and let's even say ps4sells poorly and is only at about 36 million by October 2016 (I believe it be be 36-38 million by than)

So you expect EA to skip out on a huge install base, so let's say out of 36 million only 6 million people will buy mass effect. That's still 360 million plus

Common sense is missing on n4g

vanweaver431222d ago

Masseffect 1 was the best RPG wise though I personaly think ME2 was awesome. ME3 besides the last 15 minutes was a watered down mass effect in general RPG elements barely there plus conversations seemed to lack choice and depth. I will pick up ME4 and hope Bioware gets it right this time around. Like dragon age inquisition was better than DA2 but some how not as good as DAO. I wonder what time wasting filler they will ad to pad the game this time? Fetch quests ,planet scanning ,or the mako parts of ME1 with redonkulous mountains time waster.

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