Microsoft's difficult choice at E3 2015

Eurogamer - Over the next few days we'll be looking looking at the fortunes of the major players who'll be holding press conferences at E3 - each of the three platform holders, and a roundup of the bigger publishers. We'll be looking at where these companies are, where we think they're going, and how they're going to use gaming's glitziest stage to get there - as well as making a few informed predictions.

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Moldiver1277d ago

I think this quote at the end sums it all up really.of the three in gaming, MS story has been the most fascinating. I dont think sony or nintendo would have survived the launch debacle that was the X1 reveal.

"Whatever happens, Microsoft's position in the gaming landscape right now is unique. It faces huge challenges, but also opportunities that none of its rivals have."

MS are bigger than valve. Bigger than sony. Bigger than nintendo. The ultimate end game is windows in the living room. Before apple and google. They have a gaming advantage over apple and google also. If they play their cards right, though.......

It will be interesting to see what happens VS steam machines, in particular. If steambox becomes successful against consoles, the nextbox will have swappable GPUs. MS and valve are on a collision course when W10 arrives. MS have an advantage in cross play with xbox, as well as vastly more resources. But valve has the good will of PC devs. It could go either way in the years to come. Depends on how seriously Ms takes the PC gaming space. That means W10 exclusives. But it also means leaving Xbox exclusives put. failure to do this hurts their living room penetration. They both know it. But MS needs to conquer gaming in the long run. In their future battle with apple and google, an extended advantage in gaming is a great tactical advantage to have. with W10 in xbox, MS fires the first real shot in that war. Xbox is their windows box. And its the best shot at the living room they will ever get in what will eventually be a tech war that makes the console wars look like a conkers match in a playground yard.

The nextbox will be an xbox. But it will also be a steam machine(or should that be a windows machine, thats not a PC?) it will build on the TV and browsing features of the X1, ina more refined package based on hard lessons learned this gen. Quote me on all of that.

jackanderson19851277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

i'm not convinced the steam boxes will change anything to be honest.... they were revealed to great intrigue and what not but alot of them are overpriced and they're essentially pre-built PC's in a flatter form with linux (i think they're saying 1000 games support upon launch but compared to the whole field that's pretty low).

i know this is just me, but i've my PC hooked up to the same TV as my PS4/X1 and i play it from the same spot i sit on for both and i don't have any issues with it.

the controllers though, they might be something special... could change alot in the field

KiwiViper851277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

The controller is the difference.

I expect it to perform better than the Xbox One controller, with games designed with Keyboard/mouse as default input, but still think keyboard/mouse will be preferable.

-Foxtrot1277d ago


No way is that controller better then the Xbox One controller...or any controller for that matter

It seems so limited to what it's going to work well with.

I can't see it working well with fighting games, third person shooters or driving games

jackanderson19851277d ago

@fox fighting games yeah i can see an issue there alright.

the rest though, not sure how they're affected

dirkdady1277d ago

"MS are bigger than valve. Bigger than sony. "
Bigger than Sony in what regard? Revenue and total asset wise they are roughly the same size depending on the year as this fluctuates slightly.
Since MS is a software company their profit margin is much higher so they have more cash on hand and their stocks are worth more.

But size wise (assets, employees, revenue) it's a toss up. You could say Sony has a much more diversified portfolio ranging from movie, tv studios, music labels, games, electronics, finance, etc...

On the PC front MS dont have a dog in this fight as their distribution platform Games for windows is now defunct and they will have the same challenges in getting publishers to put their game on microsofts App Store in a closed marketplace when they could just publish on Steam.

n4rc1277d ago


uhhh... what? you have got to be joking.

Sony is taking huge losses and MS is posting record profits.. this isnt about any console war, this is public financial data.

rainslacker1276d ago

MS 2014 revenue $86b
Sony 2014 revenue $75.4b

MS total assets as of 2015 Q1 $176.68b
Sony Total assets as of 2015Q1 $131.91b (not sure if this includes their banking division, I believe that's not included within SNE).

MS total employees as of 2014 128K
Sony Total employees as of 2014 140K

Profit or loss does not denote how "big" a company is. And as dirk said, they are roughly equal, although he does give too much leeway on the assets part.

However, since assets are generally the way people view a company, MS is technically bigger than Sony as of last quarter. Revenues are roughly the same(what's a few billion among friends), but Sony does have more employees. MS is certainly more profitable than Sony though.

Arguing brand presence is likely futile since they're both pretty up there.

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Bigpappy1277d ago

All I see with Steambox is FAIL. Why is that? Because it is a device looking to create a purpose. People already have devices that can do everything the Steambox will do and more. It is a luxury item. I thought it was a bad idea before Win10, and now with all the advances Win10 promises with DX12 and the heavy investment from CPU and GPU designers, it looks like an even worst, and wasteful investment is time and money.

-Foxtrot1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

Problem with Steamboxes is that

Console gamers have their consoles

PC gamers have their gaming RIGs, most who have built them up to their personal preference and won't part with them

So the Steamboxes to me seem pointless

Now if Valve decided to just make a console to compete with MS/Sony and give people the choice to download mods for certain multiplatform games like Fallout 4 then more people will want to buy that game on their console because of that advantage.

Then they could give away free DLC and have fantastic Steam Sales that the others won't be able to compete with.

If they did that while Microsoft was down in 2013 after their Xbox One reveal they would of also gained an advantage.

Lastly they could make Half Life 3, Portal 3, TF3, L4D3 and new IPs exclusive to PC and their console.

They would of made a shit load

Missed opportunity in my opinion

RocketScienceLvlStuf1276d ago

"Because it is a device looking to create a purpose"

People said the same thing about the ipad....

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3-4-51276d ago

* Hey Microsoft, hire back Ensemble and give us another Age of Empires game. A REAL Age of Empires game though.

* Make it playable on PC & XB1.

Include Crossplay.

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TheColbertinator1277d ago

Microsoft could do nothing new and still sell. Price cut,Forza,Halo,Gears rinse and repeat. Its worked for them since 2007.They'll be fine.

WizzroSupreme1277d ago

Microsoft has room to grow where the other don't and it has the money to throw at creating a whole lot more franchises down the road. I'm really excited to see what Phil Spencer has in store with us.

PhoenixUp1277d ago

Xbox will always be a competitive platform even it it'll never come in first place

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