Journey: Collector’s Edition on PS4 box art appears online

The box art for Journey: Collector's Edition on PS4 has appeared online, containing Journey, Flower and flOw.

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aquaticDonut2726d ago

Can't wait to replay this on PS4.

Th3o2726d ago

Same I have no idea why I adore this game and love playing it...It's like my gaming Advil lol

MasterCornholio2726d ago

Oh I didn't know there was a collection.


Might have to pick it up.

Simco8762726d ago

Journey is an experience for sure. Check it out if you haven't.

trenso12725d ago

i always wanted to play this game fully i played the demo but didnt understand what was happening.

Simco8762725d ago

Thats kind of the point. You don't know. It's like just packing some bags and driving with no direction, you find direction along the way and form relationships. It's quite the social experience.

trenso12725d ago

you play with other people in this game?

Simco8762725d ago

you can meet people along the way, but you can't speak to them. Only motions and movement.

S2Killinit2726d ago

I didnt get to play this on PS3. Picking it up for sure.

rezzah2725d ago

hmmm I already own those games. All I want is Journey alone. I've beaten it probably nearly 20 times.

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