MEGamers Review: Top Spin 3

MEGamers writes: "With temperatures soaring steadily in Dubai, most of us are fleeing the great outdoors and are either holidaying elsewhere for the summer or hibernating in the air-conditioned shopping malls. But for those of us who have no intention of leaving the house, summer means DVD movie marathons and gaming nights. But for anyone who still craves for a bit of outdoors but without the heat wave, 2K games have come out with Top Spin 3 for the Playstation 3 which is possibly one of the best tennis games out at the moment, despite a few snags.

Anyone who's played tennis in real life will appreciate the amount of detail that has gone into making this game look and feel as authentic as possible. And just to make things clear, real life tennis invoices actually playing on the courts with a tennis ball and racket, and not swishing around a Nunchuck in Wii Sports. Top Spin 3 brings all the famous names in tennis right to your living room, along with a host of features and playable venues."

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