Batman: Arkham Origins Was King Of The Canon

On Episode Three of 'Before The Knight At Arkham', Throwing Digital Sheep's Sean Braganza, fed up with a Copy Editor who dislikes the Bat mythos and ushered by the negativity Batman: Arkham Origins has garnered, goes on to explain why it is the best game of the Arkham canon yet.

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Yi-Long1227d ago

... but it seems the developers don't want me to play it.

Never picked it up because of the big amount of DLC released for it, opting to wait for a GOTY/Complete edition instead. Which never came.

Even in the current sale on PSN (EU), they have the game up for sale for 10 bucks, but no complete bundle. Sadly.

Also disappointed it won't get a current-gen HD Remaster including all content, like Asylum and City are getting.

Oh well... it will be 'the one that got away'.

ShinMaster1226d ago

Seriously? 10 bucks is cheap. It's definitely worth getting.

Most of the DLC is skins and you'd definitely pay more for a GOTY edition.

Yi-Long1226d ago

I know 10 bucks is cheap.

It's also still incomplete, it had a couple of story-expansions in it's DLC (Initiation and Cold Heart), as well as playable characters, and it's last-gen.

If they had wanted my money they would have released a 'GOTY' and I happily would have bought it, but they still can't be bothered, and therefore I can't be bothered either.

Like I said, I was excited about the game, and would have happily bought it at launch for full price if they wouldn't have done their whole DLC-greed thing.

They did, so that automatically meant I would wait for a complete release, and since that never happened, I won't be playing the game. Simple as that.

Ezz20131226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

I'm only talking about my self here
I played every Batman Arkham game
and Arkham Origins is the best arkham game

SteamPowered1226d ago

I didnt care for Joker's return, but the game was solid. I loved the detective aspects, solving murders and such. Really reminded me of the Worlds Greatest Detective before hollywood got a hold of him.

Ezz20131226d ago


Yes i agree
it really felt like a true Batman game
and the boss fights were incredible

ShinMaster1226d ago

The story was nicely paced too.

Ezz20131226d ago

You can say that again ,Shin

what i loved about it is that even the side quests are part of the story and Batman enemies
the Dark and grity city was just amazing too
and the Music is by far is the best in all arkham games

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madcowzz1226d ago

Also this game wasn't developed by Rocksteady, so there's that. It definitely wasn't as good as the previous 2, and Blackgate (the companion game) was just as mediocre. Which is sad because this series is one of my favorite series to come out last gen, setting aside the fact that Batman is my favorite superhero

hades071226d ago

While not as great as the previous two, it was still a great game. Only problem I had was it was a bit glitchy first when it came out and I had to restart the game, and some of the achievements were easy to miss.

ShinMaster1226d ago

Irrelevant. It's still a great game.
Too many people wrote off the game the moment it was announced because it "wasn't Rocksteady herp derp".

KrystofKage11226d ago

The only DLC worth getting for Origins was the Mr Freeze campaign. For how much the standalone game is, it's worth every penney. Origins was a great game.

This also should remind people that games don't always get the GOTY treatment, so don't hold your breath for Arkham Knight.

dohji1226d ago

Lmao origins wasn't GOTY material that's why.

iSuperSaiyanGod1226d ago

You sound like a cry baby lol I can't have it all so I won't buy it lmfao

Yi-Long1226d ago

They're trying to milk it and nickel and dime me, and I don't want to support such greed, which is why I wait for a complete edition.

Not that hard to understand.

ShinMaster1226d ago

I don't know man. That's starting to sound a bit capricious now. If you can't be bothered then you probably didn't want to play the game that badly in the first place.

Only the Mr Freeze DLC had a story.

And like I said, you'd be paying more for a GOTY edition.

Yi-Long1226d ago

Like I said, I would have bought this day 1 and for full price if it wouldn't have had all that DLC-greed going on.

I absolutely do want to play it, but even now when I go in the store the Season Pass is still something like 20 euro(!).

I bought and loved Asylum and City. I will even buy the Remasters of those game when those are released later (if they don't screw up those releases, of course...), and I was very much looking forward to Origins.

The complaints at the time that it was 'more of the same' was never a negative for me. Also the fact that this showed a young Batman was very much a plus for me.

So I was always very much their target-audience, but they simply lost be because of that DLC-milking, which I have never supported and which I will never support.

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Hold_It1226d ago

The story was very good, unfortunately the gameplay was garbage and plagued with bugs they didn't feel like fixing, and instead told the fans to buy Cold Cold Heart instead. I just hope that Arkham Knight doesn't have the same story crap that this game does where they try to act like a villain who isn't the Joker is going to be the big bad for once and then they turn around and bait and switch you.

The Joker did "die" in Arkham City, so hopefully it stays that way. It'd be cool if Hush really was the Arkham Knight.

Yi-Long1226d ago

Jason Todd is Arkham Knight.

Absolutely NO WAY it's Hush. Hush can't fight, doesn't have an army, and this just isn't his m.o.

masso91121226d ago

Dude, Jason Todd is Red Hood, he even appears as Red Hood in the game

Yi-Long1226d ago

Jason Todd is Arkham Knight in the main story, and Red Hood in the DLC-content. Basically Red Hood is his 2nd skin.

MilkMan1226d ago

This is was a great game. You a true Batman fan? You need to play this. Bottom line.

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