YouTube Live at E3 This Monday June 15

Platinum Games' next title will be shown in just a few days time and it'll be announced exclusively over on Youtube along with the Dorito Pope Geoff Keighley.

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Metallox1252d ago

Monday? YouTube? Doritos Pope? The game is multiplatform (Xbox One and PS4, Wii U and PC won't see a thing), mark my words.

Concertoine1252d ago

Who knows... I didn't think Platinum was big enough to announce a game so soon after Scalebound which is probably well underway.

It could really go any way. There's some evidence in favor of Nintendo, Sony and MS in various forms.

DeadlyOreo1252d ago

I'd say more so for Sony, could be an exclusive for the PS4. Since Microsoft have Scalebound and Nintendo got Bayonetta 2.

Mikefizzled1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Legend of Korra 2. I also doubt that it would be an exclusive if its not shown at one of the big 3's shows.

OB1Biker1251d ago

Good thing its not revealed at Ninentos so yea theres hope its multiplat now

Germany71252d ago

Looks like it will be a big announcement, probably for a well known series. I don't know if Platinum would work on a new Devil May Cry, the IP belongs to Capcom and i don't know about the relationship between these studios.
I really want to be Vanquish, but the first game it's not so popular, sadly.
Well, a big announcement for a well known series, probably it's Bayonetta 3 or Revengeance 2.
But, who knows? :)

wonderfulmonkeyman1252d ago

Hoping for a combo pack of Vanquish 1&2 on Wii U.
I still own and love the first one on PS3, and the tweets and hints are pointing strongly at Nintendo having something from them.
Heck, there was an article two or three days back where a Nintendo rep stated that Nintendo has some big third party stuff to announce at E3.

RazMaTaz01211251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Platinum studios are surely putting out all the stops, with the tweet teases, IGN boasting that they have a play through with this title, and now this announcing it "live". One must think it must be some serious collaboration with another company for it to make it such a big deal. It would be amazing if its a collaboration with capcom for a Devil May Cry title.

Agent_00_Revan1251d ago

Looks like I'll have all kinds of streams running at the same time just so I dont miss a thing!! Guess I'll have to set up a third computer to handle it all.

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