Tune your TV with your Xbox 360

If Netflix isn't enough, turn your XBox 360 into a TV Tuner with IPTV.

If you've ever wanted to get rid of Cable, Satellite or just think the antenna behind your TV is beaming signals into your brain, now's your chance to find out how the 360 will get rid of all that.

This article explains another feature planned for the XBox 360.

Click for the overview and the 2005 Microsoft Patent with all the details.

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THE_MACC5306d ago

Microsoft really are pushing the 360 to become the only thing you'll need in to living room. 'cept a TV obviously.
something tells me this will go the way of the Zune. which is an okay system, but why bother? when there is better on the market already.

solidt125306d ago

IP TV was planned like 2 years ago and they just stopped talking about it. good that they bring it back up now.

Zeevious5306d ago (Edited 5306d ago )

I think they are applying the best concepts from the original 'Ultimate TV' and planning for a future of FIOS & lots of competition.

As long as I can watch without my foil hat, I'm in!

bumnut5306d ago

i think the 360 is too loud for people to use for tv.

edhe5306d ago

That's why they do things like shrink the dye.

SL1M DADDY5306d ago

I thought this was something they said it would do early last year or even the year before that... I was expecting this to come in last years fall update but it never came.

edhe5306d ago

The infrastructure and ability is there, it's just up to a 3rd party to load it up.

BT were planning it in the UK but they seem to have stopped bothered, which is what BT does, generally.

I think there now more interested in getting FIOS out to the streets now the regulators won't hurt them if they do.

Zeevious5306d ago

From the patent, it's enabled with a minor firmware update that may already be in the system, just waiting to be activated.

The article gives you an overview of how the system works.
An interesting thing I noticed was the latest patent update, just days before E3...July 10, 2008.

I'm not one to speculate on release dates but I'd rather see this sooner, than later.

JasonXE5306d ago

announce it for e3 so I doubt it's coming anytime soon. This is the 360 version of ps home.

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