The one game we're probably never going to see at E3 again

GotGame writes: Will Rockstar's mythical game finally arrive? Probably not.

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Brotard1230d ago

How awesome would it be to see this game though! Imagine if this and the last guardian both show up again at e3 this year!

Gratisfaction1230d ago

I really wish we hear at least something from Rockstar's Agent. It would be good to know if it's still in development at least.

Actually it would be awesome if Rockstar came to E3 with something new in general.

b163o11230d ago

Really wish the same bro, I'd love to see something new from a lot of studio's. But R* has too many cash cows, and they've never been milked. So I understand why there pushing this off, cause we're already talking RedDead3. So like I said I'd love to something new, but there gonna stick with what works..

nucky641230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

there was red dead revolver 1....and
red dead redemption 1......I don't recall either game getting a sequel. the two games aren't connected (storywise) - and revolver didn't even start out at rockstar - it was purchased from Capcom..... so, how do you skip to #3 on either game?

b163o11230d ago

RedDead: Revolver
RedDead: Redemption
RedDead: ?

Follow the trail my friend...

Timesplitter141230d ago

It didn't even look promising. Agent is one of those games that got hype only because they were an exclusive

Snookies121230d ago

It was also something new from Rockstar, which is always cool to see.

BlackTar1871230d ago

or it got hype because rockstar makes amazing games almost all the time.

The last game by Rockstar i thought was meh was ping pong and i still had fun playing it.

REDDURT1230d ago

No one saw it so what are you taking about?

Timesplitter141230d ago

it didn't look promising IN MY MIND

Summons751230d ago

All they showed was the didn't have any promise to show.

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gangsta_red1230d ago

Time to let this game go. It's like dust in the wind at this point.

It would be nice to hear some kind of postmortem about the game, any concept art, design on what this game was going to be and how it was going to be played.

Eejanaika1230d ago

game looked cool but got to move on to other games.
who knows rockstar could revisite it

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