Soda Drinker PRO! Kinect 2 Video

Independent developer Will Brierly has released a short new video demonstrating the Xbox One version of Soda Drinker PRO!'s Kinect 2 controls. Yes, that's it, just tracking the player making drinking gestures and a prop can be used such as a bottle, can or cup, lol!

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WhyHate1230d ago

It's a small video, and a tease for sure, but I'm glad to see all aspects of the XBOX ONE (Kinect 2.0 included)continue to get support.

Also in case of a massive troll incoming Phil Spencer did say expect to see Kinect 2.0 support at this years E3. Now we as consumer just need to show support for any good games that come out for it.

RaTaTaT1230d ago

I really hope they make a Kinect party 2. My wife, daughter and I had a blast with the first one on 360. Now with the Kinect 2.0 being much better at picking us up ( Kinect 1 never picked up my daughter well). It's one of my most wanted games.

WhyHate1229d ago


For the audience the Kinect 1.0 was trying to attract the original Kinect definitely hit it's mark. With my family, (the wife and the kids) and during get togethers. I have had a house full of people enjoying Kinect games it was one of the hits of the party. In addition to the alcohol,... :) but not to discount what the Kinect does well we have enjoyed it regardless.

I'm hoping they bring back that gaming atmosphere, and bring it back to a greater level with the Kinect 2.0.

I try to play most games as long as they are good, why not welcome all types of game players into console gaming. Either that or have console gaming stay at it's previous peak levels or shrink into a niche market by comparison to mobile gaming.

Case in point we are the only two posting comments to this video / article.

In core gaming forms Kinect gets no love... :(

Oh well it looks like it's up to M$, indies, and XBOX consumers to support it beyond system functionality, I'm hopeful and looking forward to what's coming.

E3 2015 is four days, and counting...

Corellianrogue1228d ago

Check out my new articles about a couple of upcoming Kinect 2-supported games. There's The Lost PISCES, although unfortunately it won't be out until 2017 (providing its Kickstarter is a success) and a horror game called Nevermind which is due out this Autumn.

The Lost PISCES tracks your emotions and where on the screen you're looking whereas Nevermind monitors your heart rate plus it's got some motion controls and a little bit of facial tracking stuff. (I don't know how much, I've only seen one scene where it tracks your face by having flies fly onto a lollipop and gather together in the shape of your face (and move around as you change expression and move your head around) to freak you out, lol!)