GameSpy: Super Stardust Portable Preview

GameSpy writes: "Fans of old-school space shooters were able to enjoy a good remake of the classic Super Stardust, downloadable on PlayStation 3, starting last year. The same developer, Housemarque, is now working on a portable version of the title that features similar gameplay but different controls. The PSP installment is an early build, but it already features a solid 60 frames-per-second. Once the game is released, players will also be able to download some extra content, such as new levels and planets. In addition to the single-player missions seen on PS3, Super Stardust Portable will also include levels in local wireless multiplayer, although this option will be implemented some time after the game's launch."

-Fast shooting action
-Different attacks and abilities
-Great graphics and frame-rate

-The lack of the right analog stick could lead to less precise controls

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