Five Things Nintendo Needs To Bring To E3

StarFox, mobile and a hint of NX. Bring it, Nintendo.

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Moonman1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

If Star Fox has online multiplayer that would be so awesome...even local...

Fin_The_Human1230d ago

Nintendo really needs to stepbupbwith the online gaming.

The only reason I bought a Wii was becuae if Zelda and its looking like the only reason I will buy a Wii u is becuase of Zelda.

gangsta_red1230d ago

A new Starfox with multiplayer co-op would be absolutely bad a$$. An open world space dog fight with squad base team action. Voice chat would definitely be required for this.

A Zelda trailer featuring more gameplay would also put their conference over the edge.

Not really interested in their mobile future...they could save that for another time, not E3.

As for NX, I wouldn't mention t. Focus on WiiU and get some more people to want to buy that system. Why talk about a future console when you have a struggling console to sell right now.

deathtok1230d ago

I'm really looking forward to this E3! Star Fox for Wii U, potential Metroid titles... should be a good presentation by Nintendo.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1230d ago

mobile and a hint of NX


Did journalist not listen to a word Iwata said.

wonderfulmonkeyman1230d ago

Pissing you off a bit too, eh?
I'm sick of people saying they're expecting it.
Wall-punching has occurred over this, for me.
If I fully vented over it here, I'm sure I'd probably get myself banned for foul language...
Willfull stupidity just irks me to no end...

themonado1230d ago

It's really starting to get ridiculous. It's like these people live under rocks or something.

voodoochild3461230d ago

Why on earth would they announce their next system now? So they can end up like Sega? People are so shortsighted when it comes to Nintendo it's ridiculous.