E3 Predictions - Bethesda

Player2 looks at what the house of Doom, Fallout and Skyrim may bring to E3 2015

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Footyspacecadet1225d ago

I would love to see a new quake game by Machine Games. They killed it with Wolf so to see them take on Quake would be great. Only problem is Multiplayer. Quake has to have MP.

SpamnJam1225d ago

Maybe they could farm MP out to someone like Raven or something. That way Machine could focus on SP

Footyspacecadet1224d ago

Yeah that would work. I can see it happening anyways

Mapsman1225d ago

It is all about the Fallout.

rohit161225d ago

I would love to see a new quake game by Machine Games.

showtimefolks1225d ago

fallout 4 gamesplay demo an a 2015 release date, if not in 2015 than announce a combo of fallout 3 and new vegas for ps4/xbox one with all the dlc(i think there is a legit chance we will be playing fallout 4 in fall 2015)

announce skyrim for ps4/xbox one with all dlc

dishonored 2


and some surprises

guyman1225d ago

That will be perfect!

Crimzon1225d ago

Dishonored 2 is my most anticipated game from any developer/publisher.

The first game is easily one of the best games from the last console generation and I can't wait to see what Arkane does next. Definitely one of the most talented developers around.

jv19911225d ago

Rather have a new elders scroll then skyrim to ps4

Perjoss1225d ago

Agreed, Skyrim was very nice when it launched but the combat was never very strong, I'd much rather see them work on a new ES game with better combat. Skyrim still runs fine on PC and older consoles so people can play that if they want. I would be disappointed if Bethesda also joined the remaster bandwagon.

showtimefolks1225d ago

i can't disagree with you on that. i will be a happy gamer if that happens

hiredhelp1225d ago

Quake would be "Unreal" Sorry bad joke but seriously quake needs to be brought back.
That said I loved dishonored..

Footyspacecadet1224d ago

A good new Quake would seriously make E3 for me.

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