Can Capcom Remain Reliant Upon Resident Evil Into The Future?

Resident Evil has been the cornerstone of Capcom’s rise to success over the past two decades. The franchises longevity has inflated the publisher's bottom line again and again, and now with the announcement of Resident Evil Zero’s digital remake this looks set to continue. The question is, how much longer can Capcom remain reliant upon their troubled flagship?

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MrSwankSinatra1228d ago

If they keep on making RE games with over-bloated budgets then heck no, they can't rely on Resident Evil. As much as the general consensus hated RE6, that game sold almost 6 million copies. By normal circumstances that would be consider a success, but in capcoms case that game was a failure due to the amount of money they poured into that game. Goes to show just because you pour massive amounts of money to make a game that doesn't mean you're going to gain massive amounts of sales to recoup the cost.

Capcom needs to make the next Resident Evil like the REmake, if they want to make some money. I would imagine a game like that doesn't cost anywhere near as much to make as a game like RE6 does.

yewles11228d ago

Of course not, thus all the remasters...

FallenAngel19841228d ago

Its not even possible for them to release a new game that revitalizes the series on the scale of RE4

Maxor1228d ago

The suckers love remasters, and they have a huge library of content to remaster.