Uncharted 4 director says this E3 will be Nathan Drake's last

Apparently Neil Druckman hinted that this might be Nathan Drake's last "E3 showing", does not mean it's the last of Drake but something is obviously up and we'll hear more in the coming weeks.

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badboyz093301d ago

Until Uncharted 4 sells over 10million copies.

"Remember Mon$y Talks"

DarkOcelet3301d ago

Not sure mate. With Naughty Dog, Passion talks.

Crash Bandicoot was the best selling franchise they ever had and they left all that behind.

These guys are not about the money.

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itBourne3301d ago

Naughty Dog had to leave Crash behind. They didn't have a choice.

bouzebbal3301d ago

they just need to make TLoU 2 and it will burry Uncharted in sales just like TLoU1 did.
Maybe they can also give us a mature Jak & Daxter. YES i can dream

elazz3301d ago

Their plan was first to make JAK on PS3 but then they went with Uncharted. Looking into that The Last of Us surpassed 10m sales I think they'll do fine with a new IP while going forward with The LAst of Us sequel and giving Uncharted a proper ending.

b163o13301d ago

I think ND should develop Agent, for R*. Lord knows what Ol'Danny boy is gonna do with it...

jb2273301d ago

They may continue the series, but the writing is on the wall that UC4 will be Nathan Drakes last.

Forbidden_Darkness3300d ago

They do specifically state that it is Nathan Drakes last game, not the Uncharted series' last game. That and the fact that Naughty Dog has proven they can make multiple different IPs that sell extremely well, that I don't think they're worried about having to make a new IP.

rainslacker3300d ago

As much as I like Uncharted, and love to see new games in a series I enjoy, I also respect a dev/pub that can leave a game series on a high note. Sometimes, constant regurgitation of the same thing makes it less appealing.

Soc53300d ago

exactly, this franchise makes too much money, there's no way Drake is going away permanently. He'll be back in some form or another.

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Neixus3300d ago

Plot Twist:

They'll milk the series much more, but they will just don't show them on E3

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x_RadicalAura_x3301d ago

All good things must eventually come to an end. ='(

SoapShoes3301d ago

I don't believe it... Insomniac made it sound like A Crack in Time was Ratchet & Clank's last adventure together.

Kurisu3301d ago

Maybe they're looking at certain "tired" franchises, and don't want Drake to become like that.

SoapShoes3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Well if it doesn't turn into Tomb Raider where it's crap game after crap game that'd be a good thing. I don't think that Uncharted would have that problem, there are lots of historical stories to tell but I think whatever they do is fine I just don't believe they are going to end it.

As for Ratchet it only got to be "tired" from all of the spinoffs. They only had two full PS3 games, that's less than the PS2 and ACIT was the best one.

Dirtnapstor3301d ago

Ending things on a bang, a high note. Better that way than to die with a whimper.

Savage Starlight & TLOU2!

Kurisu3301d ago

Hopefully Drake goes out with a BANG!

MasterCornholio3301d ago

I hope he doesn't get blown up.


Nekroo913301d ago

Well something drastic will happen, thats for sure.

They were supposed to kill Elena on UC2 but Amy Henning was against that, but shes no longer a member of ND.

Someone will die , now lets wait and see.

pivotplease3301d ago

Man U2 was already amazing. If Elena bit the dust that would have been earth-shattering. They still delivered a great story without the tragedy but imagine how dark and memorable that ending would have been.

comebackkid98913301d ago

This is the way the Drake ends.

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dragonopt13301d ago

I can see them ending his story at least for a while and bringing him back a few years from now. They could just use someone else's story or come up with a new game, we'll have to wait and see how it ends.

pivotplease3301d ago

I'm going to say TLoU trilogy and a new IP will become their focus but who knows?