EA Teases Another Trailer For New Need For Speed

EA writes on twitter:
"This is your ONE WEEK warning to E3, new trailer incoming!"

DarkOcelet3275d ago

Unfortunately, the hype for this game died the moment they said "Always Online"

EA are really dumb.

saladthieves3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

How could they be this stupid?

Their reason for doing so is the stupidest corporate crap I've ever heard:

"NFS will require an online connection for single player.This lets us push the boundaries of the experience we can deliver to you."


dancerOfDeath3275d ago

Rivals was garbage. This is a reboot. The internet is good.

Clean slate, IMO. Hype fully intact here.

DarkOcelet3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

What if i don't use the internet on my console? :/

What if i traveled far from my home?

What is the problem from making the game offline?

Who makes this Dumb@ss decisions?

Why should they control whether i want to play online or offline? WTF!

SolidStoner3274d ago

Its like "THEY" wamt to know everything you do with this game..

This idea is just as stupid when sex shop salesmen decide to put camera on every toy to make sure they get in the right place.. you know what I mean.. really stupid and consumer unfriendly idea! Have a nice day EA!

Retroman3274d ago

When Rival first full video footage release on youtube came out 2013 my thought was : this is PURE!!! garbage . but you guys gave me 10 disagrees. now everyone finally realizing Rival is garbage .

outsider16243275d ago

same here bro, same here! Damnit!!!

AudioEppa3274d ago

Not to start an argument, but a racing game without being online is pretty much useless to me, especially for how much fun I had with burnout paradise, but I guess that depends on you're social interaction or something else being a problem.

There could be many things wrong with this game, but "always online" isn't one of them.

iTechHeads3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Don't you have an internet connection?(like the one you're on right now?) The game can still be enjoyed solo if I'm not mistaken.

I'm disagreeing with the first comment so I'll likely get disagreed to death. Bring it on creepers.

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BigBosss3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Yeah I am quite disappointed with the whole DRM crap, what were you thinking EA

T-Dawg63275d ago

Why is everyone complaining about the always online. I mean aren't almost everyone online when they play anyway. I just don't understand.

dancerOfDeath3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

"Why is everyone complaining about..." *fill in the blank* ... "I just don't understand."

me neither, bud.... and I dont want to. lol.


lots of people dont have TVs. What about them? And if you're so dependent on playing a game 24/7, online games might not be for you?

these all seem like grasping at straws non-arguments "me me me!" BS.

crider7713274d ago


Ok, can you enlighten me about the benefits of NFS being always online? How long will EA keep those servers running before your copy of the game becomes a coaster. If you can tell me some worth to always online, then I will back you. But at the end of the day we're dealing with EA...

wegetsignalx3274d ago

Yes, consumers decided things like 24 hour DRM check-ins, always online, and limited game reselling weren't for them. That is why MS had to do so many 180s on their initial anti-consumer policies.

All you are doing is trolling and flaming people who made a sane pro-consumer choice not to buy into such a system.

T-Dawg63273d ago

@ cider771

Sorry didn't mean the down vote. But yes I see your point now. Maybe it could bring bad things. We just gotta wait and see

crider7713275d ago

Yes, but what happens when you internet goes down, your stuck with a game you can't play. Not to mention there's still a lot of people who don't have an Internet service or a crappy one at best. Also you truly don't own the game if it requires an internet connection. Nor could you trade it in.

T-Dawg63274d ago

stop worrying about little things that most likely won't happen. Also you would be able to trade it in, why wouldn't you? You can do some pretty cool stuff with things that require always online (Microsofts original vision for Xbox one), but I guess we'll never see it because of people like you who whine.

crider7713274d ago


I don't mind some games that are always online. PC does it and that's fine, however I don't want to see it on my consoles. Why? Those cool things that can be done with always online, will become less about that and more about DRM. Let's look at DLC... In the beginning when dlc started coming about, developers talked about the potential that dlc could bring, more levels... More characters... More whatever... And for the most part that has happened, however.... Most company's have taken avantage of this with most people buying dlc that's already on the game disc, other company's saying they developed dlc separately, but it's available day one... I could go on... But my point is we are talking about an always online game by EA... A company who has been trying to implement DRM in consoles for sometime now. So is that always online just about adding cool new stuff... Doubt it, there's motive behind it. Now is it fair for me to bash this game before any info is available... Not its not. Am I pulling at strings... Maybe so, I could shut up and just not buy the game. But remember this is EA, they didn't win best company two years in a row for nothing(sarcasm).

FlameWater3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I know right! What's wrong with games that won't work when the servers down, or bans you for modding, lengthy updates when you just want to play for 20 minutes, 9 year olds, trolls and people who think the n word is a complete language

lemoncake3275d ago

People complaining for nothing, on pc then yeah there's a bit of an argument for DRM but on console there's very little against online. Only arguments is either "but what if game servers are down" seriously how often is that? Or "my internet might break and I am not able to play" again how often does that happen?

The arguments against it here make it sound like the Internet is hanging on by the skin of its teeth and could go under at any second forever, it's like how cavemen were scared of night time cause they never knew if the sun was coming back. Retardation

wegetsignalx3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Consumers vastly rejected Xbox's 24-hour DRM check-ins and limited game reselling with very good reasons for doing so.

You respond by insulting and fanboy flaming, very sad.

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crider7713275d ago

Oh EA! In your greedy quest to have the next big franchise... You always shoot yourself in the foot. Because Always online worked so well with Microsoft, you continue to want to give it a shot... And how many more Need for speeds before you realize this franchise is mediocre at best. Hey, I know... How about a new burnout... What's that, most of those developers for that franchise have left... Thanks EA...

dancerOfDeath3275d ago

Seemed to work for Blizzard and World of Warcraft.... among the other hundreds if not thousands of perfectly viable, fun, and well respected always online games.

But yeah, no, go ahead and complain. You are well within reason.

pwnsause_returns3274d ago

WoW is an mmo...... This nfs game is not.

pandehz3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

oh yea sure

WOW is a single player arcade racing game for sure.

Diablo 3 is a single player puzzle adventure.

Heroes of the Storm is a single player fps

Benoski3275d ago

They lost me when they said that it'll be always online.

Not even the full trailer will get me interested...