The Order: 1886 Developer Ready At Dawn Expanding In New Directions

In the back of this year's release of The Order: 1886, developer Ready At Dawn has announced some high-level changes to the studio to focus it for the future.

"What we did on the PS4 for The Order: 1886, we can also do today on Xbox One, PC, and on an additional unannounced platform."

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NewMonday1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

"What we did on the PS4 for The Order: 1886, we can also do today on Xbox One, PC, and on an additional unannounced platform"

additional unannounced platform? Nintendo?


about the Order1886 sales"we are well on our way to achieving the sales performance that we sought"

Eonjay1226d ago

I'm actually excited to see what Nintendo has in the pipeline.

Cindy-rella1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

The Order 1886 is such a good game and i wished a sequel to it was being made by RAD now. Most people that speaks ill of the game didnt actually play it but listened to some others negative opinions on the game which seems to overshadow all the positive user reviews. The game isnt 5 hours long like some would think but that seems to be one of the biggest complaint about the game. The game doesn't have online multiplayer or a lot of collectables in game which i didnt mind much. It seems like the fact that this game being the best looking game graphically on the ps4 made it a target by a lot of people because most opinions are mass embellishments which are normal things in a lot of other games. Youll hear people harp on length, quick time events, no multiplayer, no collectables, or that it isnt an open world game. Most of these formulas are in other games but a lot dont mind them but in the order 1886 they are a problem. Its as if there are definite formulas that certain genres of games should follow or else.

I love the story and presentation of this game and its actually my favourite game this generation. I remember telling a few people that but they scoff and said im a girl and not a real gamer because the game is crap and shouldn't have been made. I dont know why being a girl invalidates my opinion on the game and i dont understand people who thinks that if something isnt of their tastes then something is rubbish.

The Order 1886 is the most polished game this generation because everything is done in high quality level. I love the story and the way it was told. I love the voice acting, graphics, animations, sounds, music, physics, gameplay, hit detection, and that the game wasnt open world. Some people prefer grinding in an open world arena where a lot of the missions are basically fetch missions while upgrading their weapons. Im not a fan of those games because most lack focus on the main mission objectives and they tend to have bland graphics and technology all around. Almost every game thats been released this gen has suffered from launch issues whereas the order 1886 was polished on launch day.

The Order 1886 is my favourite game this gen and i havent seen any AAA game come close to the orders technological attributes this generation but a lot of those games with issues are getting high praises and high scores despite them having glitches and needs to be patched to work correctly. To each his own.

Concertoine1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )


Me too, but im not sure if that's what they're referring to tbh.


What about his comment prompted you to write a 4 paragraph essay which didn't even mention once what he said?

AngelicIceDiamond1226d ago

@Cindy I'm glad your a huge fan of The Order. Its good to see someone passionately plays and loves it.

Its something I can respect.

"The Order 1886 is my favourite game this gen and i havent seen any AAA game come close to the orders technological attributes this generation but a lot of those games with issues are getting high praises and high scores"

You'll be seeing more of it on PS4 and other platforms now.

nix1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

well all this reminds me of Resistance devs Insomniacs... it's sad that some games don't sell good and devs have to go to uncharted territories to survive.

Order was one of my favourite games this year. i don't really care about the length as long as it entertains me for whatever short period it lasts.

IcarusOne1226d ago

@ Cindy

I played it. Can confirm it was shit.

starchild1226d ago

I wonder what the unannounced console is. I hope it's from a new company in gaming. We need some fresh blood in the console race. The battle between Sony and Microsoft is getting a little stale and Nintendo is off doing their own thing. Some fresh competition could do great things for gaming.

NukaCola1226d ago

Ready at Dawn has built a phenomenal engine. They did wonders with The Order. I really enjoyed the game. Now they can go anywhere and in any genre and focus on gameplay to ensure an all around solid experience is created.

UltraNova1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

I've read the whole thing yet one sentence stuck with me:

Sams: As I have always said, gamers don't buy business models – they buy great games.

True, for core gamers yes.However,do companies relay on core gamers for there never-ending struggle to increase their year on year margins?

Hell no.

Now how many million copies do annual business models that stopped innovating long ago, that are simply updated to the slightest while recycling the same old formula year after year aka COD, Assassin's Creed and all those EA sports titles sell?

Or worse yet how many tens of millions do those god awful mobile games sell?

The truth is this guy is high on his propaganda meds and as a businessman he knows that big profits come from these so called business models.

That's why he was hired there, for his business know-how.

What worries me is that RAD is effectively steering towards that business model school of thought by hiring this guy and as a single player gamer I'm sad to realize that the Order 1886 might be the last I'll see of it when I really wanted them to make a bigger badder better sequel.

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AngelicIceDiamond1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Are they suggesting The Order's tech can be done on X1 and PC?

EDIT: Its clearly in the headline and article. I guess what I mean't was, I thought The Order could only be achieved on PS4?

"What we did on the PS4 for The Order: 1886, we can also do today on Xbox One, PC, and on an additional unannounced platform."

Did we get mislead by RAD?

Kal0psia1226d ago

It's clear what they're claiming, YIKES! ;D

DevilOgreFish1226d ago

A 60 fps version of this game would be interesting to see. I'm more interested in this "unannounced platform" that could do the same game. Nintendo's next console, or maybe someone else?

MrDead1226d ago


"At the same time, we have worked very hard to make sure that our engine and technology suite is multiplatform. What we did on the PS4 for The Order: 1886, we can also do today on Xbox One, PC, and on an additional unannounced platform."

If you read the article they are referring to the game engine.

AngelicIceDiamond1226d ago

@MrDead I see, the games engine can be done on other platforms. But would that include the graphical fidelity as well?

Svinya1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Is this a joke question? Are you SERIOUSLY asking us if the graphical fidelity of The Order can be done on PC?

Well, let's see here... Seeing as how a high end pc is probably at least 5 times more powerful than the PS4, then yes, I'd say that it wouldn't be an issue to make The Order look even better AND run at 60fps on the PC...

MrDead1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )


I would say at the time of release the graphics that they were able to produce where only possible on the PS4 (I've not included PC in this comment). With all the updates and better utilisation of the power available I guess it’s possible that we will see the Orders level of graphics on other consoles, only time will tell.

thorstein1226d ago

Did we get mislead?

No. I just don't think you understand the nuances of coding software.

At one time we used to only use Basic. C preceded C+, C++ and C#. Machine language also preceded current programming languages.

The point is, as technology improves so does understanding.

dantesparda1226d ago

It just goes to show you how they'll (devs) will say anything to sell you their sh't. I don't know why anybody believes anything they say.

garrettbobbyferguson1226d ago

The Xbox One is very similar to the PS4 in terms of power, why wouldn't they be able to achieve graphical fidelity? Let alone on a PC. In fact, we'd be able to see the game meet a standard 1920 1080 at 60 Fps on PC instead of what was given.

rainslacker1226d ago


Not to take away from your point, as I agree with what you're trying to say, but there is no C+ language. It went from C to C++, with C being procedural and C++ being OOP. C# was derived to mimic C/C++ but be device independent by working off a framework...basically MS answer to Java which was gaining a lot of traction at the time. The fact the syntax is very similar is just because it was designed that way, however, it's not a pure C/C++ language in the same sense as the prior ones. C# I wouldn't really consider an improvement over C++, but it's convenient to use from a development standpoint for certain things.

If I'm not mistaken, there is some language that has C+ in the name, starts with an A, has a slash(/) then C+, but it is completely unrelated to C. There's also some fake programming language called C+=(C plus equality) that was started by 4chan...I believe in response to someone who wanted to make a feminist programming language or something like that.

Otherwise, based on the article(at least the updated part if that came after your post), he was speaking of the engine itself. It can build to different hardware. I would imagine anything done in the Order could be done on the Xbox, but whether it had the same graphic fidelity I wouldn't know. Probably not in it's current form if they've been focusing on the PS4 for the longest time. PC should be able to surpass the fidelity given appropriate hardware, but again, if they've been working with Sony API's and OpenGL variants, their particular engine may not be quite up to par on other API's yet. I'm not sure how their engine and game development teams are split up though, so it's possible they're in line with each other.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1226d ago

They don't own the IP, it won't happen.

mochachino1226d ago

Well pc obviously but it would look even better.

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Tzuno1226d ago

Sega? one can dream...

Dabigkahuna761226d ago

I see what you done there Dream Cast

XanderZane1226d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty interested on these new IP's that will come to other platforms. We probably won't hear about them until next year though. Good to see they are branching out like Insomniac and other developers are starting to do.

thorstein1226d ago

"Sams: While we would love to share with you how well The Order: 1886 has performed since it release, those are numbers that only Sony can divulge. Suffice it to say, we are very proud of that game, and we are well on our way to achieving the sales performance that we sought."

So, a great game sold really well and was well received by gamers.

Astounding that hack journalists are so angry at this game. It's like RAD stole their cookies or mom or something.

benji1011226d ago

Learn to read and understand English.
"On its way to achieving" is a way of saying it has not sold what it was expected to achieve.

Svinya1226d ago

So.... The developers of the game can't say how much they've sold? Ya, ok... Means numbers are bad.

StitchJones1226d ago

Game stunk, they should just shutdown.

starchild1226d ago

Nah, the gameplay was mediocre, but the story was good and the presentation was fantastic. I think there's potential in this studio.

rainslacker1226d ago

If every studio shut down for making one bad game there would only be a few studios left. Every studio has a flop once in a while. Luckily though, the game looks like it will meet expectations. Maybe a bit late, but [email protected] apparently isn't in a position to have to shut down because of one game not selling.

mochachino1226d ago

I liked it. Good but not great. I'd buy a sequel will a more elaborate story. They started something very interesting.

SilentNegotiator1226d ago

It worked great for Insomniac and Ninja Theory.

*Looks at sales for Sunset Overdrive, Fuse, Enslaved, and DMC*

Ehhh...maybe those are bad examples.

juggulator1225d ago

The new platform is obviously the NX.....but going multiplatform is a clear sign The Order didn't sell well at all and RAD wasn't happy with the results....hence them claiming they can get the same visuals on xb1. Sounds fairly delusional to me but to each studio their own. It was about creativity at it just about $ALE $.

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Haru1226d ago

Wish they would've gone multiplatform from the begining, they made Sony pay for their boring game for nothing

blakstarz1226d ago

The Order was far from boring....its just a game not fit for everybody.

1226d ago
1226d ago
kaizokuspy1226d ago

I agree about it not being for everyone. I look at it this way. I spent $60 worth of money to Kickstart a new ip for further better releases and I'm glad I did.

ritsuka6661226d ago

The Order was far from boring....its just a game not fit for ev''erybody. '''

Laugable excuses.........

blakstarz1225d ago


Why is it a laughable excuse? Maybe the game was over your head perhaps?

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blakstarz1226d ago

@ Mokuroku

"You means its a interactive visual novel not fit for everybody. Game is a little strong of a word."

Okay lets look at the term "interactive" me a totally interactive game is a point and click game which I use to play in the Sierra days, The Order is not that, there are points where you switch to the controller and start shooting and taking cover, now I understand that there may be a bit more of "interaction" but I find it to be a good balance. And if you crank this game up on the difficulty level, its no cakewalk when you switch to the shooting action.

But I will say that this game screams a trilogy based on the good story behind it and the concept, I'm sure they learned from this first console endeavor and will make the sequel (if there is one I hope and pray) be more action based.

-Alpha1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Unsurprised. The Order didn't do well for Sony, so I'm guessing we wont see a sequel, at least from RAD.

The team seems really focused on making "Film" games, seeing as they keep throwing around the word "transmedia".

Not sure I'm on board with that direction, but variety isn't bad. Let's just hope they take the criticisms of The Order to heart and learn to improve them.

Dark111226d ago

Yeah i would imagine Sony weren't happy.

Crimzon1226d ago

Neither were many of their customers. Hopefully Sony will be a lot smarter with their investments in the future and fund developers who actually want to make games instead. I can't believe Sony funded the development of that garbage for five whole years. What a disaster.

On the plus side, at least someone had the sense to commission From Software to make Bloodborne. Hopefully Sony gets From Software to make another PS4 exclusive in the future.

Utalkin2me1226d ago


First off the game was not garbage. Secondly Sony allows their developers creative freedom and not trying to micro manage what they do.

Rimeskeem1226d ago

"we are well on our way to achieving the sales performance that we sought"

The article suggests they will keep a close relation with Sony

Sevir1226d ago

That's funny! Considering that the studio hasn't gone under, and the fact that they just opened up a new studio, it would seem as if they are doing quite well. It seems very well that Sony is still doing business with them as a relationship hasn't ended.

The media may not have cared for the order! But It has fans and it's sold reasonably well. They've managed to have a new motion capture and 3d scanning facility pretty much confirms they have grown which likely means The Order was profitable for them and Sony.

mikel10151226d ago

"Reasonably well" The game did pretty bad sales wise.
That's the reason they split off to do their own thing. No where is there proof of this game doing well, even in an interview a guy said they were still waiting for sales to meet expectations.

Sevir1226d ago

Umm just to clarify... They've always done their own thing, they were never first party, they were independent and worked on other platforms... The Order 1886 was originally going to be a PS3/XB360 title and they decided to skip a generation with the game game and instead ported the PSP gow games to PS3... They've done work on the Wii as well so saying they split off is categorically incorrect. Just to put things into perspective. If your product didn't sell enough for you to sustain your business, your studio shutters or you have lay offs to compensate for the redundancy... The exact opposite happened. They made a profit, they opened a second studio and they bought a lot to house expensive industry standard practices, and even lease their facility.

They even said there partnership with Sony continues... How on earth did you come to the conclusion that they are doing bad and had to cut ties...?

rainslacker1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )


Can you provide proof that the game DIDN't do well? I mean, there's no evidence that it didn't do well either. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence and all that.

As far as I know, this is the first semi-official comment that the game did OK. If the game is approaching expectations, doesn't that say it's performing about as expected? What we don't know is what the expectation was. Was it 1 you know what it was to be able to say if the game did well enough, or are you just guessing based on the constant hate that the game gets?

IcarusOne1226d ago

It would be so epic to see a studio like RAD with their focus on cinematic atmosphere, team up with a studio like Telltale Games, who focus on story, writing, immersion, and choice. Imagine a TT game that looked and moved like The Order.

tjg591226d ago

The ending left it open for a sequel , so I think we'll get one

_-EDMIX-_1226d ago

"Unsurprised. The Order didn't do well for Sony, so I'm guessing we wont see a sequel"

Where did you hear that? We don't know what Sony paid to get it made, thus don't know what is "well" for Sony currently, Ironically...this released today.

Consider Heavy Rain by many peoples understanding um..didn't do "well" the reality is...."well" for a company is subjective, some are ok breaking even and getting a small amount of profit to invest in the IP later on.

The Order did about 500k in sales in about a week, meaning that even if later on it went on to sale a little more, it might be very much profitable for Sony.

The Infamous games didn't do huge millions yet we have 4 or 5 titles from them. I think they will be fine and even if [email protected] doesn't do the next game, it will likely be done by another Sony studio as Sony owns the IP.

I also don't get the questioning of Sony not making a sequel based on such sales as clearly they know what the game entails and clearly they have an understanding that this title isn't like most games, thus should be funded accordingly, just like how Heavy Rain was. They were not just seeking 5, 6 million units etc as Sony is one of the few publishers that often creates such strange games in the first place, they clearly have realistic expectations of sales. Rain, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, InFamous etc. I feel they likely budgeted accordingly and will make a sequel.

rainslacker1226d ago

Funny, your first link is actually from this interview we're talking about now.

I could see a sequel, and would welcome it to be honest. [email protected] execs, in this interview, made no indication that they would ditch Sony, nor did they say they wouldn't be interested in making a sequel. As a growing dev, and soon to be publisher, they'll want to keep making things that make them money. I did like that they said they'd only work on things that their dev team was into making though. I think many games suffer because people just get tired of developing the same thing over and over again.

Basically this interview gave me the impression that they simply want to expand their studio and their portfolio, which maintaining more of their own creative properties. The last part makes sense as it adds a lot more value to their company. Seems they also want to move into self-publishing which developing their own game engine. It kind of reminds me of Take-Two Interactive back in the early days.

I do think this interview indicates that they want to remain independent, which means the likelihood of them becoming a Sony 1st party is pretty slim.

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Walker1226d ago

Well I guess the Order was their chance to shine for Sony and it didn't work out :(

JMaine5181226d ago

Sucks because I was actually looking forward to a sequel for The Order but looks like that won't happen.

mafia_pc1226d ago

Sony own The Order IP, they can do a sequel with an other studio, don't worry.

nicksetzer11226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Santa monica would be an awesome studio to take this over. They rock the atmospheric feel for games. Also, they know how to put together a full package of gameplay and cinematics.

That and God of War is a tired franchise IMO.

Tontus1226d ago Show
SonyOnly41226d ago

@nicksetzer1 some people dude those dislikes just for stating a FACT yes I agree god of war is tired anyone who has a problem accepting that don't dislike tell me what direction God of War 4 has to go on? Zeus is dead now as are every other known god in the game so you tell me why and how the franchise drags on?
And yes I love God Of War but just like Gears of war the story is over and finished in a way that anything that comes after can only damage its legacy.

BitbyDeath1226d ago

@sonyonly, Not sure if you remember the state the world was in after Kratos destroyed all those gods, yes he killed zues but now everything is unbalanced and a new order needs formed.

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nicksetzer11226d ago

I was really looking forward to a sequel, there was a really good groundwork. The game they released was not very good, but it had all the polish, just wasn't put together right. Super bummer.

Really cool to see them go multiplat though.

Majin-vegeta1226d ago

I think Sony owns the IP so not all is lost.

rainslacker1226d ago

[email protected] expanding doesn't mean they're leaving The Order behind. It just means that they're looking to expand into new territories as well. From the article, it seems they're interested in going into multi-plat/PC gaming and publishing, but they indicated they would still work with Sony.

Think of it this way. Insomniac has been expanding into new territories the last few years or so, yet they're still developing the Ratchet & Clank reboot.