Welcoming Ready At Dawn to Facebook

There are few higher compliments a developer can receive besides, “I dreamed about your game.” Many of us experienced that very phenomenon with Lone Echo—our adventures with the main character Liv were so vivid and the shared empathy so strong, the connection felt real. Ready At Dawn Studios’ storytelling and innovation DNA were on full display in Lone Echo and set the standard for VR narrative adventure, showcasing how virtual reality offers players more immersive, memorable, and emotionally charged experiences. Today, I’m excited to share that Ready At Dawn is joining Facebook—and the future of groundbreaking content in VR has never looked brighter.

knickstr1462d ago

Please go away Facebook and leave gaming alone.

Nyxus1461d ago

And same goes for Google.

-Foxtrot1461d ago

Google, Facebook, Amazon...they’re just going to make shit let’s be honest and it’s never going to be serious stuff compared to what we get in the industry now

It’s a waste of talent

Neonridr1461d ago

@Foxtrot - RAD have made some great VR titles for the Oculus platform. So why wouldn't they continue making good titles?

SpineSaw1461d ago

Yes!.... All these crap companies should get out of gaming to include Google, Facebook, Microsoft and one of those 3 does way more harm than the other 2 and the 2 being Google and Facebook. Gaming would be much better off without the 3 for sure.

darthv721461d ago

So if RAD makes more VR games for FB then it would be like that scene in Ready Player one. "We estimate
we can sell up to 80% of a individual's visual field before inducing seizures."

1461d ago
Yui_Suzumiya1461d ago

Agreed. If I gotta see another stupid Google Stadia commercial before a YouTube video again, I'm gonna scream.

UltraNova1461d ago

Damn, so any plans for The order 2 are shoved down the drain...I can't see Sony tasking another team to make a sequel for years to come, if ever. Shit.

morganfell1461d ago

And neither Google, Facebook, or Amazon are the threat that is Tencent.


I absolutely could see Sony handing this to another team.

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crazyCoconuts1461d ago

Well they own Oculus Rift, so from those of us with Rifts, please don't go away - continue to support the product...

1461d ago
scofios1461d ago

We never got a sequel to heavenly sword , i'am afraid same thing will happen to the Order 1886 .
would be nice if Sony had acquired them.

neomahi1461d ago

No, Google has the potential to do it right. I mean, let's be honest here, the head of Google Gaming Division (GGD) is none other than the man undeniably responsible for the success of PS3 and PS4, like or not or agree with it or not. Phil Harrison is actually a very smart guy, very smart. He's great at going out and finding great developers and getting them up and going. Media Molecule Sony owes to Harrison. Microsoft just wasn't s good fit for him and Google Stadia is tough because, let's be honest here, the world isn't ready for streaming yet. Internet technology isn't advanced enough and people still can't afford good internet, plus it's expensive with data caps and all that nonsense so, he's tied and limited and developers aren't sold on it just yet. That's why devs and publishers are testing the waters with their back catalog and not their upcoming games, especially with exclusives, that's suicide.

rainslacker1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Harrison left Sony 2 years after the PS3 launched, and had nothing to do with the PS4. Harrison also has a fairly storied past within the many companies he's worked for, mostly good, some not so good. He did a good job over at MS with the XBox as well, but I agree it wasn't a good fit for him. Overall he is a likable guy, and generally I think he does know how to sell consoles and games, and generally run a video game business.

I won't discount Harrison's executive prowess, but he hasn't exactly lit the world on fire with Stadia, and he's been a major part of getting that going. Maybe long term he'll make something out of it, but it's been flailing out of the gate, and it doesn't seem like Google has any long term vision for it...just putting it out there and hoping it does something.

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Nyxus1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Nooo! There goes my hope for a sequel to The Order.

IanTH1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Yeah, I'm torn. I really loved what they put out on PlayStation (I also really wanted an Order sequel), but they've also done some of the absolute best things in VR. VR does need more quality studios to pump out high-end experiences for the platform, so I'm at least glad there will be more of that coming from them. I'm a bit surprised Sony didn't grab them to do console & VR games for PS/PSVR, but Oculus will at least give them plenty of money to keep making great VR experiences...so yeah, torn.

knickstr1461d ago

I honestly don't think Sony was interested in a sequel unfortunately.

Neonridr1461d ago

I think they have plenty of established IPs now that were extremely well received. Obviously it's possible we could see something down the road by another development team at the helm, but I wouldn't expect anything anytime soon.

morganfell1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )


RAD's position regarding for whom they work has nothing to do with it. Sony owns the IP, they own the artwork, the characters. All of it. In standard practice they every piece of digital material built for the game as well and that would be sitting in a warehouse.

HarryMasonHerpderp1461d ago

Well I think Sony own the IP so it's still possible.

warriorcase1461d ago

Honestly the first game was way way too short and I get the criticism but man was it such a great concept with so much potential for a sequel. It's a real shame, especially after that cliffhanger ending.

Kratos_Kart20071461d ago

I agree...The setting was great...just too short

badz1491461d ago

Sony owns the IP. so...there might still be hope

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NecrumOddBoy1461d ago

I hope they give this IP to another studio. The Order 1886 needs its Uncharted 2-level sequel. Too much-wasted potential if they drop that world off forever.

pabadamus11461d ago

Crap!! Really wanted another Order game. I was hoping Sony would've acquired these guys. Well that is that.

Sharky2311461d ago

Sony owns the ip. If they want a sequel we’ll get one!