Plants vs Zombies Fans Should “Be Ready for Monday,” Says PopCap

A recent tweet from Owen Johnson suggests some Plants vs Zombies news coming Monday.

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Bigpappy1231d ago

Well I have to work on Monday. But I am still ready for good new. Love Garden Warfare.

Rimeskeem1231d ago

I re-downloaded it yesterday, forgot about fun it was.

3-4-51231d ago


Love this game.

By far my favorite shooter this gen and one of the most fun games I've ever played.

They pulled a Nintendo and got a ton of small details right in this game.

* All the free content just keeps my coming back and playing every 2-3 months for a couple weeks.

I still don't even have all the other packs or character types yet.

Mikeyy1231d ago

what extra content? The game hasn't gotten anything since October?

3-4-51230d ago

Exactly....I've still yet to gain everything in the game..

That last pack they released...I haven't even touched it yet, nor have I touched the bling pack.

Still working my way up unlocking everything else.

* Been playing more Splatoon lately though and it's been like 2-3 months since I've played PvZ, but I'd like to start playing again soon anyways.

loopygames1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

It's probably a trailer for the next garden warfare game coming early next year.

DryBoneKoopa851231d ago

Maybe PvZ 2 is finally coming to consoles? I really liked PvZ Garden Warfare so an announcement of a second one would make me happy.

iSuperSaiyanGod1231d ago

I'm pretty sure it's pvz gw 2

dancerOfDeath1231d ago

I'm psyched. Looks like E3 came early this year. PVZGW is hugely underrated imo, have been hoping they would make another one.

PaleMoonDeath1231d ago

Looking forward to it, love Garden Warfare, would happily buy a sequel.

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