A Week In The Hub: 1st-6th June 2015

Neil writes "The E3 hype is building with publishers and developers the world over dropping more and more details in regards their games. But which were the best Xbox One and Xbox 360 news and review articles from the last know, the ones you really can't miss?"

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Retroman2297d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

"The big E3 hype is Building up"

What "HYPE"??? its only a hype if you believe in the "ILLUSION" to trick your conscious mind something Exciting is there.
with that being said , let see what the Big 3 has to offer with open mind.

how can you get (HYPED) on half-ass finished games for a Full game you pay more with DLC .
how can you get (HYPED) with giltches ?? in reality only one really getting (HYPED) are Publisher and Developers for you guys buying half-ass fk up shit.