Boomtown Review: Elefunk

Reviewed by James 'eVOLVE' Hamer-Morton:

"I'm always talking about price. Whether it's a cheapo PSN or XBL game, or an expensive peripheral reliant monster purchase, the price of a product does come into a review. Relative worth is an important factor in deciding whether or not a game is worthy of your purchase, and it is because of this that I came to Elefunk with a less favourable attitude.

Okay, it's only a fiver. £4.99 isn't a lot of money, and has become pretty standard for these PSN games, but I spotted that the price on the US store was $4.99, and a direct dollar to pound conversion is never fair. That makes it twice as expensive for us to buy as our star spangled banner waving friends, and rather than looking at the game as a £4.99 game, my first impression was of a game worth £2.50 that we were being taken for a ride with. (Though it was nice to see it out at the same time over here.)"

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Playstation Man3740d ago

A personal favorite and sold for the right price.

thor3740d ago

sold for the right price.... in the us. I realise that the UK version includes VAT and possibly other taxes but it's still way more expensive.

That said, should I get this game? At 7/10 I think I'll need someone's recommendation.

PirateThom3740d ago

There's a demo on the US store, but I highly recommend it anyway.

Peekay3740d ago

it came to about $15NZD. This game rocks if you're into puzzle games. I am, and i'm pretty addicted to it. I highly recommend this game to anyone. The later levels get quite complicated and i can spend a while trying to figure them out, so it's fully worth the money. Personally i think it's better than echochrome.

ape0073740d ago

this game is so fun,so addictive

psn has the upperhand in arcade games

TheWickedOne3740d ago

The game is fun and wicked cheap (for US). But it doesn't have the addictive quality I thought it would have. I can only play one or two levels and then move on to something else. To much trail and error. But the multiplayer is awesome.